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Intro to Idea Collections

Intro to Idea Collections

Idea Collections are a goal-driven way to collect ideas, centered around a challenging question.

Leave a lasting impact with Idea Collections that are tailor-made to inspire and harness the full potential of your teams.

Your Path to Innovation Excellence starts right here!

Add Idea Collections

You are welcome to create as many Idea Collections as you, your colleagues and organization need.

Admin and Owner Users decide who can add ideas, view & comment on ideas or get assigned tasks on ideas at any stage of the journey.

Please remember that Idea Collections are Private until they are shared with others. Do share and include your colleagues when ready!

Admin or Owner users' interface will display a plus (+) sign in the Idea Collections tiles section to easily complete creation of a new Idea Collection.

  1. Click on the plus(+) in the tiled section or click on the Add button located at the search bar level in the Workspace.
  2. Select one of the Idea Collections’ templates which are listed by Use-Cases.
  3. Use the Standard template* by Ideanote as a starting point and this is your first Idea Collection.
  4. Select the Goal for the Idea Collection

Your Idea Collection is now available!

*The Standard template by Ideanote is AI driven and will automatically suggest an Idea Collection title and description as starting point based on the Goal you will select when creating the template. This information can be overwritten.

AI suggested Content (question, description, video or attachments) can be overwritten or adjusted for your a Campaign.

Don't forget to create and customize the form use to collect Ideas.

Add Ideas

Adding Ideas is as easy as sending a tweet!

3 steps for Users to share their creative Idea

  1. Click on the “Add”button located on the upper right level.
  2. Complete the Idea form
  3. Click Submit.

Note: With Ideanote you can start writing your idea and come back at any time to complete them. The autosave feature will automatically save a draft of your idea.

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