Dynamic Variables

Experience the magic of coding strings as they seamlessly generate content, saving you valuable time and enhancing your overall experience.

Watch as your workspace transforms with custom fields and configurations, creating a tailored list of options available for Idea Collections, description text and even email automations.

Dynamic Variable for a Session User

This is an advanced functionality that require some technical know-how.

Dynamic Variables used for the Notice Banner


Examples of useful Dynamic Variables for ideas:

  • idea.friendlyId: A short, simple ID for the idea that is unique within the workspace
  • idea.url.full: The full URL to the idea
  • idea.phase.name: The name of the phase the idea is currently placed within
  • idea.owner.name: The name of the person who created the idea
  • idea.status.title: The title of the status the idea currently has
  • idea.submittedAt: The timestamp at which the idea was created
  • idea.stats.comments: The number of comments the idea has
  • idea.stats.likes.total: The number of likes the idea has in total
  • idea.stats.totalAvgRating: The combined total average rating the idea has
  • idea.field.<UUID>.value: The user-submitted value for the form field with the relevant UUID on the idea.

Idea Collections

Examples of useful Dynamic Variable for Idea Collections:

  • ideaCollection.title: The title of the idea collection
  • ideaCollection.question: The question of the idea collection
  • ideaCollection.details: The description of the idea collection
  • ideaCollection.status: The status of the idea collection, which is either 'PENDING', 'ACTIVE', or 'ENDED'
  • ideaCollection.friendlyId: A short, simple ID for the idea collection that is unique within the workspace
  • ideaCollection.goal.title: The title of the goal for the idea collection
  • ideaCollection.url.full: The full URL to the idea collection
  • ideaCollection.owner.name: The name of the person who created the idea collection
  • ideaCollection.stats.ideas.total: The total number of the ideas within the idea collection

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