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Dynamic Variables

Dynamic Variables

Dynamic Variables in Ideanote act as a seamless connector, linking your data with the content of your emails or specific fields.

Dynamic Variables are simple, plain text language that’s placed between sets of double braces {{ }}, also called a mustache. It’s made up "entities" like sessionUser or workspace (the pieces of data you wish to display) and attributes, separated by a dot.

You can use Dynamic Variables in parts of the interface and in automations to power real-time data enriched experiences.

In the interface you can e.g. use "Hello {{ }}!" in a Form Field description or a View notice to greet a visiting user by their name. Just try typing in any part of the interface {{ to see which Dynamic Variables are available.

Similarily, within Ideanote automations you can use a wide range of Dynamic Variables depending on the entities you are working with. For example, when working with a comment you'll be able to use e.g. {{ comment.text }} in parts of the automation that let you enter Dynamic Variables. Great use-cases here are using them in Emails, Notifications and Webhook actions.

Dynamic Variable for a Session User

This is an advanced functionality that require some technical know-how.

Dynamic Variables used for the Notice Banner


Examples of useful Dynamic Variables for ideas:

  • idea.friendlyId: A short, simple ID for the idea that is unique within the workspace
  • idea.url.full: The full URL to the idea
  • The name of the phase the idea is currently placed within
  • The name of the person who created the idea
  • idea.status.title: The title of the status the idea currently has
  • idea.submittedAt: The timestamp at which the idea was created
  • idea.stats.comments: The number of comments the idea has
  • The number of likes the idea has in total
  • idea.stats.totalAvgRating: The combined total average rating the idea has
  • idea.field.<UUID>.value: The user-submitted value for the form field with the relevant UUID on the idea.

Idea Collections

Examples of useful Dynamic Variable for Idea Collections:

  • ideaCollection.title: The title of the idea collection
  • ideaCollection.question: The question of the idea collection
  • ideaCollection.details: The description of the idea collection
  • ideaCollection.status: The status of the idea collection, which is either 'PENDING', 'ACTIVE', or 'ENDED'
  • ideaCollection.friendlyId: A short, simple ID for the idea collection that is unique within the workspace
  • ideaCollection.goal.title: The title of the goal for the idea collection
  • ideaCollection.url.full: The full URL to the idea collection
  • The name of the person who created the idea collection
  • The total number of the ideas within the idea collection

If you are wondering which Dynamic Variables are available to you in any given context, just start typing curly braces {{ and see a searchable list of options.

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