To set up an Automation, Triggers are the starting point in defining the key criteria that will matter for the Automation.

Automation can be created at the workspace or at the Idea Collections Level.

Automation created at the Workspace level will apply across all Idea Collections and supersede any Automations created at the Idea Collections level that might be in conflict with them.

Selecting a Trigger


There are multiple categories available for selection and depending on the selection associated available Triggers will be displayed.

Fig 1: Category Available For Selection
Fig 2: Triggers Available for the Idea Category

In the example above, the Idea is the key element that the Automation is based on.

Create an Automation at the Idea Collection level

  1. Go to the Idea Collection
  2. Click on the “Edit”button located on the upper right level
  3. Go to Automations
  4. Select the Category
  5. Select the Trigger

Create an  Automation at the Workspace level

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Click on Automation
  3. Select the Category
  4. Select the Trigger

Note: Please remember to name the Automation to something familiar in the process so you and your Admin colleagues will know its purpose.

Now let's go to the next step, Conditions...

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