With our intuitive customization options, you have the freedom to create a captivating and branded environment that drives adoption and encourages active participation from your team.

Settings -> Workspace Options

Set up a Custom Domain

You can configure your Ideanote Workspace to display a Custom Domain that your Organization owns.

Hide Ideanote Logo

The option to white-label is available and included for specific Pricing Plans.

Edit Language Settings

You can configure your Ideanote Workspace to display a specific Language.

Although the Interface will align with the selected Language, Users can modify their language preference via their User Profile.

Delete your Workspace

Deleting a Workspace is permanent and this action can only be completed successfully by a Workspace Owner. The Workspace and its content will be purged within 72 hours of the request being submitted.

Deleting a Workspace


Workspace Owner have you changed your mind? You can cancel the deletion process within a 72 hours' period from the deletion request being received.

Go to the Danger Zone and cancel the deletion request.

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