Unlock the power of branding and make your Workspace truly stand out with a look and feel that embodies your unique identity.

Align your online presence with your brand identity using customizable themes and visual elements.

Settings -> Theme Options

Use a Preset Theme

Select from a variety of pre-designed themes that can be quickly applied to your workspace. These themes are tailored to different aesthetics and can be a starting point for further customization.

Choose a Theme to Get Started

Edit Colors

Customize the color scheme of your Ideanote workspace to match your brand's official colors. Select and apply the exact hues to headers, background, text, and other elements to ensure consistency with your branding.

Match Ideanote with Your Brand Colors

Style Headlines, Text and Buttons

Customize the text, headlines, fonts, and buttons across the Ideanote workspace to reflect your brand's unique typography, colors, and user experience guidelines. Modifications include altering font types, sizes, spacing, weight and more for cohesive and intuitive branding.

Customize Ideanote Headline Text across the Workspace
Customize Ideanote Text & Font across the Workspace

Customize Ideanote Buttons across the Workspace


Control the appearance of the borders around various elements in your workspace. Adjust the thickness, style of borders to create visual separation and alignment that fits with your overall brand design.

Customize Borders for different elements
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