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Configure Login Methods

Configure Login Methods

You can let your people login to their workspace via Google SSO or email and password. Upgrade to the Plus plan to restrict login methods or configure SAML.

Just-In-Time Provision

Do I need to import all users via CSV ahead of time? No, with Ideanote you can allow people to sign in using an authentication method of your choice without creating them ahead of time. Successfully authenticated users are created automatically if their user does not exist yet. Their rank depends on the specific circumstance and setup. In most cases new users are created with the "Member" rank, meaning they will have access to all Idea Collections that are shared with the "Workspace".

In some cases, for example when using a Shareable Link or a Widget to a specific Idea Collection, users might be created with the lower "Guest" rank.

Google and Microsoft SSO

Members can authenticate into Ideanote using Google authentication if they have a standard google or microsoft email address. It's possible to login with email even if you've created the account via Google SSO, simply follow the login instructions once you select that option.

If you login with Google, it'll be as secure as your Google email account (we recommend using 2FA).

Email Login

If you do not use Google SSO or prefer email login, you can login via email with passwords.

Restrict Login Methods

For added security, you can force members to only use Google SSO or only use email. Read more about restricting login methods.


You can connect your workspace with an identity provider such as Okta, Google, OneLogin and more. If you have SAML enabled, you can login through your identity provider's website or by selecting the SSO & SAML option on the login page.

Logging in to Multiple Workspaces

You can create as many workspaces as you like. Each workspace has its own subdomain and authentication method restrictions. That means logging in to one workspace does not automatically log you in to other workspaces. To log in you can navigate directly to the subdomain of your workspaces e.g. and and log in separately.

If you do not remember your workspace subdomains, you can request a list of workspaces registered to your email on this page.

Support for Multiple Authentication Providers

If your organization has multiple authentication providers across locations or business entities Ideanote supports adding them to one workspace. To make the login experience as easy as possible you can give each login button a unique label and icon that makes it clear to the user where they should click, e.g. "Login Company East" and "Login Company West".

Matching Email Domains by User ID

Some companies have different email domains across their authentication providers, e.g. a Microsoft Teams specific email domain and one connected to SCIM. If you would like to make sure that e.g. and does not create two separate users you can match them on a primary email or ID. Please contact support to hear more.

Change in Company Domain

If your company is changing their email domains, e.g. from to, please reach out to us at from the existing domain and let us know the domain you would like to change to. Even if you have just a few users impacted, reaching out to us so we can process the domain change will ensure you don't run into any problems along the way.We offer multiple ways to login and options to restrict login methods for added security.

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