Intro to Analytics

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Users' activities within your Ideanote Workspace and Idea Collections, all at your fingertips.

Explore essential metrics - from Trends and Impact to Contributions and Engagement. You get an overview of activities spanning across all Idea Collections, meticulously broken down into measurable KPIs, achievements, and trends.

With a permission-based access, only Workspace Owner & Admin Users gain full visibility into all the data, ensuring utmost confidentiality and control.

Workspace Data & Insights available 0n-Demand

Use the Cluster View

Our intuitive AI-driven tools elevate your ideation process, making trend analysis a breeze and surfacing the most relevant topics effortlessly.

Idea Clusterings

2 ways to access:

  1. Go to Analytics
  2. Check the Words Frequency and Idea Clusterings widgets
Word Frequency & Idea Clusterings

  1. Go to Analytics
  2. Click the Trends tab
  3. Check the Word Frequency and Idea Clusterings widgets

Trends - Word Frequency & Idea Clusterings

Export Workspace Data

Download Idea Collections data on-demand

Export Workspace Data in few clicks

  1. Go to Analytics
  2. Apply specific filters (optional)
  3. Click the download icon

Link Ideas Together

Link similar ideas so they are easier to find during collaboration efforts.

Similar Ideas can be Linked

  1. Go to Analytics
  2. Click the Trends tab
  3. Open the Idea Clustering tool
  4. Select the ideas flagged as a potential link to view
  5. Hold down Shift to select multiple ideas
  6. Click Link to link the selected ideas together

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