Intro to Widgets

Our Widgets are specially designed, streamlined versions of the Ideanote Webapp, ensuring a smooth step-by-step flow for your Audience to effortlessly submit their ideas and actively engage in fruitful collaborations.

Customize and Share

But the magic doesn't end there!

These dynamic Widgets can be embedded on any Website, Webapp, or Mobile app, delivering the same powerful functionalities available on the Ideanote Webapp across multiple channels to reach your audience wherever they are. You can send them out as Full Page Widgets or embed them as Tile or Popover Widgets.

You can Customize the appearance of each Widget to perfectly match your Idea Collection's unique style and branding.

Create Your first Widget

  1. Go to the Idea Collection
  2. Click the Share button in the top right corner
  3. Click on the Widgets option

Quick tip: Rename your Widgets to user-friendly names - instead of keeping the randomly generated ones. Choose names that may indicate to other Editors where Widgets are embedded e.g. Intranet Campaign June 2023.

Learn about the Widget Types available in Ideanote.

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