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Sustainable Change Led by an Innovation App

Sustainable Change Led by an Innovation App

An innovation app like Ideanote can help organizations succeed in leading sustainable change by promoting inclusion and ownership. To avoid failure, organizations should provide hints, seek input, and involve employees in the change process. The app enables constructive and engaging collaboration, allowing teams to create and elaborate on ideas. It fosters sincere inclusion by ensuring that ideas are not disregarded. By following the steps provided, organizations can implement changes with ease and become change pioneers in their industry.

Sustainable Change Led by an Innovation App

70% of organizational change efforts fail and this rate is steadily increasing, meanwhile, the ability to lead change in companies is becoming more and more important.

Markets and competitors move fast and you need to be able to keep up with changes or you’ll go bust. It isn’t easy though, as Woodrow Wilson once said,

“If you want to make enemies, try to change something.”

Nobody likes change. Good news is that it doesn’t have to be like that with the right approach. Inclusion and ownership are your strongest cards in transformation efforts.

Even dinosaurs can change

3 Things You are Probably Getting Wrong

But how can an innovation app help you succeed in nurturing inclusion and ownership? To answer that question, let’s first look at what makes you fail.

1. Take a Hint

Nobody likes to be blindsided by many and sudden changes that they don’t understand. Resist the urge for a grand revealing of “The Ten New Strategic Goals!”. Sprinkle hints, seek input and actively use the insight and competencies of your colleagues to craft changes. And Voilà! Transition becomes much smoother.

2. Divide and Conquer

By deciding new ways for people to do their job, without consulting with them first, you strip them of autonomy. This hurts peoples’ feelings and naturally positions their bodies in a defensive arms-across-chest posture. This is a good sign you are about to fail. You can easily change that by involving them to the process of choosing new ways.

3. No More Charades

Nobody likes to be included if it feels insincere or forced. If people participating in your transformational workshop are left with a feeling of “they only do this, so I feel a sense of ownership” you’re doing it wrong and it ends up eroding the confidence in the project and you as a manager. Sentences along the lines of: “We’ve already thought of that” are no-gos.

Bottom line

If only there was a tool to help me with all of this, right? Oh but there is… That’s the reason why we developed Ideanote. It’s an innovation app that enables you to create and elaborate on ideas with your team. The app helps you reach out to people in a constructive, engaging and sincere way.

Ideanote is a simple and fun innovation app

You can post missions for the areas you are looking to change, asking people to chip in, co-developing new concepts and create sincere inclusion since their ideas are not just going to join the others in a black hole of “we already thought of that”.

You can try out Ideanote and claim your space today. You can try any of our feature-rich Paid Plans for free, so you can find the best match for you and your business. Just follow these steps:

Claim your space and challenge your team to come up with ideas.

Create your first mission, but careful, don’t ask dry questions such as “what are your ideas/thoughts?”. Be more playful and ask questions like “How might we improve/change…”. More people = more ideas. After creating the mission, invite your employees and co-workers. Remember – the more the merrier. Let the others discuss changes and collaboratively improve them.

  • Context is the key. Include a proper description of the mission and make sure that the task is easy to understand. If you’re sharing it with your team in an email or a blog post, you can add some interesting project-context for the audience to enjoy.
  • Elaborate and rate the ideas. People will come up with improvements, but how do you know which one is the best? You’ll rate the ideas together so you’ll only act on the best ones!
  • Enjoy and share your success. Oh, and at last, implement the ideas. If you follow our steps, you should be able to implement changes with ease.

So what say you? Are you ready to be the change pioneer in your company?

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