Bringing Ideation to Life is about Speaking to People's Emotions [Video]

Last updated
September 14, 2023

Interview with Maz Spork from ISS Corporate Garage.

Inspired by the Copenhagen Catalog, Ideanote team visited Techfestival to talk to people about some of its principles and their take on innovation.

This time, we are talking to Maz Spork from ISS Corporate Garage. Founded in 2016, ISS Corporate Garage serves as an autonomous unit outside ISS that is tasked with unleashing ISS innovation power. Maz's role is building new growth which comprises of innovation, testing new business ideas, and collaboration with businesses outside ISS world.

In the interview, Maz shares his reflections on the principle "Help people shape your world."

At the end of the video, Maz also tells us about a little gimmick he uses when people are visiting his office.

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