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Create your First Idea Collection

Create your First Idea Collection

Let's create your first idea collection.

Now you could create your first idea collection directly within the different folders that you've created for teams, departments, or whatever it is you're trying to do on your workspace here. Um, simply by clicking on the add button next to the folder that you want to place the idea of collection, and now you can also use the new book.

And from there simply pick the location manually. So in this case, we're going to make a more general idea collection where we intend to shared with the entire workspace. So the first step is to come up with the question that will be posing to the audience now. There's a lot to say about language and wording the question just right now, as you can see from some of the templates down below, we really like this, how might we formulation?
Um, but you are of course free to completely make it your own, but try to be as concise as you can and limit the question to a single question. And don't add more. If you have additional things you want to collect ideas for create separate missions for that. So again, be precise. Maybe try to be a bit playful with a language challenge, people to come up with.

Interesting ideas. I think for, for this one, we'll ask a question about the future of work. So how might we imagine the future of work at our company and I'm just clicking and clacking away on the keyboard here. So I hope, I hope you could hear what I, when I sit there now we'll stick with that. And for step number two, Can see, we have our question right here, fit it on the idea collection.

We can add a title as well. Future of work seems to fit in and update the cover image. Here we can then search directly from Unsplash. So we'll go with ever had on future work so we can pick out a robot, maybe some VR goggles. They think I like this one mostly because I'm really into turbo. And then we can also give the idea collection a brief or complex description.

So basically this should be whatever context you want to give the audience as they interact with the idea collection. So it might be just short, descriptive text. Uh, it can also be something reading to the process, maybe documentation, videos, slideshow. Uh, add whatever you think is relevant. Uh, but keep in mind, we don't want to overwhelm the audience.

We want to make sure they get exactly the information that they need or want again, you can always come back and change these things later. So if you're not sure exactly what is needed, just put something in and we'll go, we'll go from there. Now, the third and final. We'll need to pick an idea template or a submission form, and you can see currently assess title description and its attachments.

So that's the default format that people can submit ideas in. So a title, but their idea, they can describe it and they can add some attachments. Now, if we use this dropdown, you can see, we have other options. So other templates, so we might choose a different one. And in a later video, we'll also look at how you can create your own templates or how you can build out this format.

Uh, but again, that's that's for a later video. Now we might set a deadline we've mentioned in the description that we'll be collecting ideas for two weeks. So a two week deadline makes sense can also enable anonymity in case people would rather add their ideas anonymously. And from here, we'll simply create our idea collection.

We're now inside of it. And you can see it has not yet been shared. We'll look into that in a future video, but if we just go back to our workspace, we can see our idea collection right there.

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