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Create your Workspace

Create your Workspace

Okay, let's get you set up with your very first Ideanote workspace.

Now we'll first go to We can go through the setup process. It will be, uh, a few very easy steps for us to follow as we get started.

Now, there are a couple of questions along the way, ranging from how many people are at your company, um, to your general interests.
What kind of workspace you want. Now, none of these choices will commit you to anything that cannot be changed later. So if you're unsure, simply pick an option and go from there. So in this case, we're being asked about our interests that we tried to do some internal employee engagement say or more public focused with external partners customers.

Now, again, you can do both. So simply pick the one that you think is within what you're trying to do initially. And we'll, pre-fill the workspace with a bit of, of useful. Same goes for your current experience level. So pick one here, and we'll give you a checklist of the lower left hand corner, the matches your experience levels.

So we're going to try to give you more of the right things to do, um, right up.

And then we'll say a little bit about our general interests. So I'm here today to create a workspace to help me manage ideas. Now, again, we're not foregoing any features or any cool idea collection adventures, or ways to engage people by not picking these. This is simply to help us focus as we get started.

So, so pick the one that best matches what brought you here today. And we'll set us a goal of managing at least 500 ideas and then pick a registered email. And from here, we'll set name as well, strong password. And then of course add the name of our company. Now for today, let's say I work for unicorn. And then we'll, pre-fill feel that workspace with some team information.

Now I was looking to engage finance and marketing. So I'll pick these two and we'll have two teams automatically created within the workspace for us to put our initial content in. And then we can set a color themes. We might have some, some brand colors that you need to adhere to maybe. Uh, some preferences and border style or font, you can also make changes to the workspace URL.

Um, again, these also things that can be changed later, but you might know now what you want. So it might as well put that in here or many from here, we'll agree to the idea or terms. And then while we wait for the workspace to be set up, you could invite some of your colleagues to come take a look. And then when we're ready, we'll go to our brand new.

Unicorn workspace. We can see, we have the teams that we filled in from here. We can get started with collecting and managing ideas, and there'll be a lot more on that in the next video.

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