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Customize the Idea Template

Customize the Idea Template

Let's look at how you create and use your own idea templates. Now idea templates, uh, be a submission form that users will see when they attempt to submit ideas to your idea collection. And you might remember from when you were creating your first idea collection that during the third and final step, you were asked to choose an idea template from a dropdown.

Now, what we'll look at in this video specifically is how to add your own. Templates to this dropdown, so you can use them in future idea collections. So for now, we'll just leave this idea collection behind and as an admin or a workspace owner, we have access to eight settings panel here in the lower left-hand corner.

And from there we can find the tap cold idea templates. And here we can see a list of templates, the same ones that were present in the dropdown that we looked at just a moment ago. And what we can do here is we can add new templates. So create them from scratch, where we course name the template and then pick whatever fields we want the templates to consist of.

Or we can make changes to an existing. So maybe we want to update the one that we're currently using in our idea collection. And we'll call this the 2.0, we'll get rid of this attachment field here. And instead we'll pick, uh, a checkmark field and you can see, you can then make changes to the fields you can fully customize and really make it your own.

I try to play around with what makes the most sense for you? See what you think looks good. So don't be shy about being a little bit creative with these fields. Now, for this one, we'll start with the title area, your idea, impact
area, and we'll add real labels. So we'll go with research. And production distribution. Again, you can do whatever you want with this. This is just an example. We'll save that. Then if we go back to our idea collection, we can see that when we attempt to submit ideas now,

It's template has our additional field and we can pick these as we submit ideas.

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