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United Arab Emirates

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Systems Integration

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Arabic اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ, English


ATC is a leading system integrator in UAE formed on the echo of EAIG ICT initiatives to serve strategic projects with key skills and expertise, ATC provides Enterprise clients with world-class solutions addressing their local business needs. Established in 2010 as a member of Emirates Advanced Investment Group, being the managed services provider for more than 40 corporations with stringent SLAs, it is 100% EAIG owned entity.

As a hardware reseller in its early years as well managed services provider, the company evolved to become partner of choice with many global ICT blue chops, like Microsoft, Rosmiman, Amazon Web Services, ORACLE, Dell, EMC & Capgemini. As the market evolved, ATC re-positioned its portfolio offerings and re-structured the organisation to focus on application solutions. In 2013, it began to offer implementation services for smart government services, managed infrastructure, SDN, NGN and healthcare management solutions, demonstrating real added value to customers.

ATC differentiates its services with the ability to plan, design, and implement technology infrastructure with the support of our technical team, who are trained and experienced in project management and administration.

ATC has built a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals and a set of operational competences that form the underpinnings of its competitive advantage. Today, ATC is the preferred local systems integrator for major market sectors such as government, semi-government, oil and gas, education and health.

Backed with plenty of local and global recognition for its superior performance, ATC is led to day by a crew with outstanding records in the UAE ICT industry, Feras AL Jabi the veteran in ICT systems integration and consultancy in UAE now entrusted to lead this company for its new wave of growth; he brings with him a wealth of 22 years of experience the last 18 was with ITQAN.

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