Automate innovation

Seamlessly automate your innovation.

Stop innovating like it's 1995. Connect Ideanote with the tools you already use and build innovation workflows that are ready for the modern workplace.

Automate repetitve tasks

Ideanote Automations do the busywork and create consistent processes so that your team can focus on what matters.

Supercharge existing tools

Ideanote Automations work with external apps to bring everything into a single, shared workflow. Create new ideas and implement clear SOPs across your team without breaking a sweat. Automatically move ideas and integrate with 100+ tools and endless possibilities.

Save valuable time

When human error disappears from your workflow, so does the lost time and money that goes along with it. Workflows makes everyone aware of what they’re responsible for, at any time, through automatic triggers and reminders and you can save hours and time you can use to grow your business instead.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Export data or integrate with other tools to automate work in a few clicks so you can avoid human error and focus on what matters. From your team chat to your task management platform — Ideanote offers trigger and event based integrations with 1000+ other apps.

For example: Google Sheets, Yammer, HubSpot

Send or receive ideas

Where do ideas come from, where do they go? Decide for yourself by connecting Ideanote to other sources or by sending ideas on to the next one. From backing up ideas in databases or sourcing them from social platforms, Ideanote makes a wide range of connections possible.

For example: How about adding an idea to Ideanote from Alexa Voice commands?

Trigger custom notifications

Build fully customized outreach and communication automations. Thank idea submitters for their ideas in their preferred channel, stay informed about the newest events with an activity feed right in your live chat platform or let key stakeholders know about an action that is coming up. The possibilities are endless.

For example: How about sending a custom notification to evaluators every time an idea is moved to the evaluation phase?

Move ideas in bulk

Sometimes even a digital tool can be cumbersome. With bulk actions you can select hundreds or thousands of ideas and apply an action like moving them to the next phase or another idea collection with just one click. Then, lean back and let the platform handle the work in the background.

For example: Why not use a custom filter to find old ideas with low ratings and archive them?


Everything you need to automate repetitive tasks and save time — so you can focus on making ideas matter.

Looking for more? We're shipping new features every week.