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Ideanote on Microsoft Teams
Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

This is Ideanote for Microsoft teams, an entire course dedicated to using the power of ideas directly in Microsoft Teams.

In this course, we'll cover how to add Ideanote to Microsoft Teams, how to collect ideas from colleagues right inside of Microsoft teams, and how to add custom tabs to your conversations or even meetings for brainstorming and other use cases of Microsoft Teams and Ideanote. By adding Ideanote to Microsoft Teams, you'll benefit from the entire end to end functionality of Ideanote. from collecting ideas to automating your innovation. Ideanote comes packed with features that can be useful in a range of settings and use cases from sharing it with colleagues, from commenting and moving ideas forward in your idea funnel to evaluating and prioritizing your ideas. You'll be able to track your impact and see the insights and just like Microsoft Teams, you can use it. Whether you are a freelancer, an agency, a global retailer, or an early stage startup Ideanote on Microsoft Teams benefits everyone. You can increase revenue, reduce costs, achieve goals, engage your people out, compete your competition, and build a culture of innovation.

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