Usiminas, a leading steel manufacturer and supplier, recognized the significance of innovation for maintaining a competitive edge. In 2019, we established our innovation department and launched the “Ideas Days" program. We required a platform that could handle the scope of our innovation process, which spans across our six subsidiary companies and huge workforce.

Ideanote emerged as our platform of choice due to its user-friendly nature and fast onboarding experience. They were uniquely positioned to customize their platform to meet our specific process needs. The responsiveness of the Ideanote team made the experience seamless — they even translated the entire platform into Portuguese within a week to accommodate our workforce.

Since the inception of Ideas Days, Ideanote has been central in capturing over 2,500 ideas, driving financial results with a potential of 78 million reais in value, and engaging over 2,060 employees. This platform was instrumental in training teams on innovative practices and in connecting ideas with implementable projects.

The accessibility and simplicity of Ideanote are indisputable. Had we not utilized Ideanote, we would have risked losing the potential embedded in the innovative capability of our employees. The relationship with Ideanote is fantastic; they're always improving their platform based on our feedback.. The support and partnership provided by the Ideanote team were outstanding, and I highly recommend their platform to any organization seeking to harness the true potential of its human capital for innovation.

Thank you to the Ideanote team for being with us from the very beginning, for understanding our needs, and for playing such a significant role in the future of innovation at Usiminas.

Daniel Campos Innovation Analyst,


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1957, Brazil





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