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Usiminas benefited from Ideanote :

Usiminas, one of Brazil's leading steel manufacturers, has always been at the forefront of supplying quality steel products to various industries including automotive, construction, and machinery. With a rich history and a reputation to maintain, the company recognized the need for consistent innovation and continuous improvement. In 2019, they established the IDEA program, aimed at harnessing the innovative ideas of their employees and translating them into actionable projects.


Innovation, though rewarding, can be chaotic. With thousands of employees across different departments, Usiminas needed a platform to streamline, manage, and evaluate the influx of innovative ideas. They sought a solution that was user-friendly, adaptable to their unique processes, and able to consolidate the results of their innovation initiatives.


After liaising with several companies, Usiminas partnered with Ideanote, drawn by its flexibility and adaptability. Ideanote went the extra mile by quickly translating their platform into Portuguese, ensuring seamless integration within the company.

Daniel Campos, an Innovation Analyst at Usiminas, recounted, "Ideanote stood out for its adaptability to our processes... We became one of the first Brazilian companies to use their platform, which was a milestone."

With Ideanote, Usiminas could efficiently:

  • Gather ideas from employees.
  • Rate the feasibility and potential of these ideas.
  • Select and execute the most promising concepts.
  • Train teams on innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Collaborate with startups and external entities.
  • Consolidate results and showcase the company's innovative milestones.


In less than a year, the results were staggering:

  • Over 2,500 ideas gathered.
  • Potential financial gains estimated at 78 million reais (around $50 billion).
  • Execution of 60+ innovative projects.
  • Introduction of 70 safety measures, emphasizing their commitment to employee safety.
  • Engagement of over 2,060 employees, fostering a company-wide innovative culture.
  • Hosting of 70 innovation-centric events, further cementing their commitment to forward-thinking.

These milestones were not just numbers, but a testament to the success of the collaboration between Usiminas and Ideanote.


"The relationship with Ideanote is fantastic; they're always improving their platform based on our feedback," remarked Campos. The symbiotic relationship between Ideanote and Usiminas has been fruitful, with Ideanote constantly evolving its platform to cater to Usiminas's needs. Campos continues to appreciate Ideanote's unwavering support and partnership.


Innovation is integral to progress, and Usiminas, with the assistance of Ideanote, has embodied this principle. Their success story serves as an inspiration, showing that with the right tools and a dedicated team, even industries as traditional as steel manufacturing can redefine their boundaries and reach unprecedented heights.


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