Thoughtworks explores the Future of Work with Ideanote

Thoughtworks was amongst the pioneers of agile development and have laid the groundwork for continuous integration, microservices, evolutionary architecture and data mesh. They know how to harness the power of global teams to deliver software excellence at scale.

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As Thoughtworks expanded into new global markets, it needed to measure the pulse of how its people wanted to work. This required Thoughtworks to listen to and understand the needs and expectations of co-workers in 17 different countries. Thoughtworks looked to a collaborative innovation and feedback platform to navigate these complexities.


Thoughtworks worked with Ideanote to create an outreach campaign on the future of work that allowed for fast, secure and creative collaboration across all its markets. Within weeks, they were able to involve 60% of their workforce in envisioning the future of work together.


With Ideanote, Thoughtworks listens to concrete needs and collaborative vision of co-workers in 17 countries and has successfully taken the feedback into work culture initiatives.


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