For over a decade, DI Consulting has been the spearhead for advancing the needs of consultancies in the Nordics. With its wide-ranging network facing the onslaught of digitalisation, DI could feel it was time to recenter and get closer to the new wants and needs of its members.To transform their customer experience, the Federation of Danish Professional Service Firms (DI) relies on Ideanote. Tying together open innovation, efficient processes and a collaborative approach, Ideanote lets DI Consulting collect and implement customer ideas, creating value and empowering stakeholders.

“Ideanote enables us to actively engage with our members in real time, while contributing to a better understanding of their wants and needs.”

MADS BUHL, Consultant, DI Consulting

As a trade association with more than 700 professional service firms as members, including Rambøll, Quartz and Kromann Reumert, high service levels and relevance is of utmost importance. The association’s attending members are top-executives, requiring DI Consulting’s counselling, network events and law-making efforts directly address their needs.

Ideanote was the ideal solution for DI Consulting. The platform centralized all their members’ ideas, allowing them to be developed further and reviewed by the their members as well as by employees. The platform gave DI Consulting the unique opportunity of asking its otherwise hard to reach members, what they needed the most. 300 ideas for improvements and new projects were collected from the 1400 participants. Two of which have already been effectuated into new projects.

Prior to Ideanote, DI Consulting used multiple tools and channels to collect ad-hoc feedback and insights from their members. Oftentimes, through an email or given in-person following an event. As the popularity of their services grew, it became harder and harder to keep the bird’s eye view and to consolidate the feedback from the different channels into actionable insights. This made DI Consulting’s efforts to apply member feedback as a driver of change, slow and inefficient.

“Ideanote enabled us to create an inclusive process allowing the members of DI Consulting to share ideas, and as a result help us create a positive engagement among our members.”

With Ideanote, DI Consulting were able to create and sustain an inclusive relationship with their members, where insights and opinions on their membership could be collected and developed in one place.

In the first six weeks, DI Consulting launched nine idea collection missions with questions that they’d like their members to pitch in on.

To engage their members in the ideation process, DI Consulting made use of automated email and feedback loops that the platform provides. Giving them the opportunity to continuously engage their busy members. Moreover, both other members as well as employees made use of the grow phase, where feedback could be submitted to the ideas, making them better.

The high engagement levels resulted in 300 useful inputs in the first seven weeks. They were about new kinds of network events, the challenges they face in the industry and how DI Consulting can be a better partner to them. The ideanote platform has ensured that the project managers don’t get lost in the piles of ideas while the rating system has helped them prioritize which ideas to go further with.

Out of the 300 submission 30 were presented to the board. Currently, two of these have been turned into new initiatives that benefit their members and help them in new ways.

As Mads Buhl put it:

“Thanks to Ideanote we are able to map the opinions of our members in an easy and efficient way, which ultimately helped us create an overview of their needs, and optimize our services accordingly, while saving a lot of valuable time.”



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