We built Ideanote to set ideas free.

Nothing can light up our hearts and brains like a new idea. It is what had us start this company and made us who we are. We got here because we’ve witnessed great ideas drown in grey companies with grey paper towers and grey walls. But the future is colorful. Ideanote’s free idea sharing app is about letting ideas reach their true potential and having a smile or two on the way.

Who we are

Nerds, entrepreneurs, marketers, customer champions, dads, designers, dreamers. We are a small
team handcrafting a product we love. Ideanote is just about two years old
and supercharging the work of more teams every day.

Born and raised in Denmark

We’ve raised an initial round from local angels at Monda Finance and are currently looking for our next VC partners on our journey. We’ll make sure to tell you when we’ve found the right match.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us at investors@ideanote.io

Come bring ideas to life

in cozy Copenhagen

Join our team of boring, serious people by filling out a 20 step form. Kidding. Drop us a line at hello@ideanote.io if your talent is what we need.