full innovation-led growth flywheel with the middle section lit up


At the center of every Flywheel there is a purpose; a goal-driven idea collection that challenges people to come up with ideas.

As you encourage a healthy innovation culture, it forces you and your organization to keep a single purpose when innovating.You can keep as many Flywheels spinning as you’d like but every one of them needs a strong purpose at their core.

Define Purpose

If you want to engage people in innovation, it is important to ground it in a purpose they can understand and relate to. It is also important from a strategic standpoint to keep innovation within the general business goals of the company.

Together with the Initiator sketch out the core of why it is important to the team, department or your entire organization to solve a particular problem by tying it to overall strategic business goals. If you can’t come up with a succinct purpose, your Innovation risks failing to engage enough people or to deliver measurable results, so don't skip this step.

Set KPIs

As part of their responsibilities in helping run innovation, you should ensure measurable and achievable goals are set at the outset.What are your goals and how will you know we’ve reached them?

Talk about how to best quantify your innovation success and define your success criteria, for example engaged people, collected ideas, implemented ideas or dollars saved.

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Jakob Storjohann