full innovation-led growth flywheel with the left corner highlighted, the measure section in pink


Measuring impact — tracking your KPIs, taking ideas to implementation, sharing success stories — completes the cycle by driving awareness and engagement.

Having secured measurable impact for your stakeholders you can spike initiator interest for spinning the next Innovation-Led Growth Flywheel. Or keeping this one spinning.

Close the Loop

If you want to keep engagement high over time you need to make people feel a part of it. Keeping the process transparent and closing the loop at the end is a big part of it.

thank-you email

Thank people for their participation. Find a good moment to reach out to people that have submitted ideas and let them know that their ideas have been received and what’s going to happen next.

Reach out to winners. If you have some more specific information, want more

It’s best practice to close the so-called “feedback loop” this way. It keeps the wheel spinning and helps your innovation grow.

Celebrate Impact

Every time you spin the Flywheel your organization should get better at running efficient, frictionless innovation.

Communicate learnings to initiator. Let the initiator know what went well and what did not.

Build out your own playbooks. Our innovation flywheel is a great starting point but you might adapt it over time. Add your own processes, failsafes and best practice tips in a central document that you build over time.

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Jakob Storjohann