AI Idea Generator

The best online tool to quickly generate ideas. Automatic and free. Brainstorm new ideas for your business in a few seconds.


Easy Generation

You can describe your business or project above and quickly generate ideas for it. Various settings are available to you to adjust the creativity and topic of the output.

Pre-Trained AI

Choose from the  options to generate cost-saving, customer satisfaction or even new product ideas. Our AI will help you create a fitting prompt as well.

Runs in your Browser

Our online idea generator is browser-based and works on all of your devices. You can generate ideas on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. You can generate ideas from anywhere.

Secure and Encrypted

We use SSL encryption to keep your ideas secure. This tool saves your ideas locally in your browser - if you export them to our platform they are encrypted in transit and at rest.

Quick Brainstorm

This online tool also works as a good start for brainstorming to consider other perspectives that you might not have considered. Let the random ideas spark your inspiration.

Lots of Tools

After the initial idea generation, there is also an option for you to use all of our other tools to collect, evaluate, develop, measure and manage ideas in our platform for ideas .

Generate valuable ideas 100% automatically in 5 seconds with one click

Thanks to Ideanote's smart AI, you can speed up your brainstorms - and be more creative!

No matter if you are looking for cost-saving ideas or new products for your business - all this and more is possible with Ideanote's AI Idea Generator.

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Follow 3 simple steps to generate ideas:

  1. Enter your company or describe your project.
  2. Choose a topic you want to generate ideas on.
  3. Click “Generate Ideas” and wait for ideas to show up.

Only three easy steps. Once the ideas are generated you can save them by signing up.

What is an AI idea generator?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the creation of software that resembles or exceedes the performance of a human mind. AI ideas can be used to create products and services that enhance our daily lives.

An AI idea generator is a program that uses algorithms and data to produce ideas for products, services or innovations. The user provides input parameters, such as business sectors, consumer preferences, technological developments and market trends. The generated ideas can be presented in a list format so users can easily identify potential solutions to their problems.

What can generated ideas be used for?

Business users can use an idea generator to identify potential markets and opportunities based on user-supplied parameters.

Some examples of business sectors an idea generator can generate ideas for are technology, health care and transportation.

What should I do once I have generated ideas?

Many users compare the generated ideas with their current needs to narrow down their potential solutions before presenting them to stakeholders for further consideration. Stakeholders will then decide which potential solutions they want to implement since they are investing in their company if they find suitable ideas from an idea generator.

Who can use the AI idea generator?

It can be used by businesses both big and small as well as individual consumers looking for innovative products or services. It’s important that businesses use AI tools responsibly so they don’t stifle creativity but instead enhance our daily lives with innovative products and services generated by AI.

What does this mean for me?

Brainstorm Faster

Going from no inspiration to three completely new and unique ideas only takes 5 seconds. It's the fastest way to brainstorm when you are alone and can also superpower group discussions, creativity games and other activities.

Think more Creatively

No need to "rack your brain" for new ideas when you can't think of any. Just be creative together with the AI.

Find Unexpected Solutions

With an AI powered tool you can stumble across the perfect angle that you or even people from your team would have never even considered. But that does not mean that they don't work.

Grow your Company

Find and implement valuable ideas for your team, business or department. Free ideas

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