Enreach, a pan-European company specializing in communication solutions, was facing a significant challenge: how to streamline the collection and implementation of ideas and feedback for their products and processes. Kenny, a product manager at Enreach, describes their predicament: "The challenge we saw was that it was very difficult to find a streamlined way of collecting ideas and feedback for both our products and the way we work, making it very difficult to work in an efficient way."The solution to their problem was found in Ideanote, a platform designed to facilitate the sourcing of ideas from users and customers and invite them into the process of qualifying roadmap candidates. "I can highly recommend Ideanote to you for doing that," Kenny asserts. The Power of IdeanoteIdeanote did not just help Enreach collect as many inputs as possible. It also enabled the company to involve other colleagues and users in validating and continuously improving these ideas.

Kenny explains, "Ideanote has helped us manage all this. We don't only harvest as many inputs as possible, but we also allow other colleagues and users to validate and continuously improve ideas from other users."The ease of using Ideanote was another significant factor in its successful implementation at Enreach. "Ideanote is really easy to work with as a tool and a platform," Kenny says. This ease of use has led to its widespread adoption within the company, with approximately 10 different products and 15 different teams currently using Ideanote. Impact and ResultsThe results of implementing Ideanote at Enreach have been impressive.

"It has allowed us to collect more than 1,500 ideas and pieces of feedback from our colleagues, customers, and end users, and it has helped us turning them into reality," says Kenny.The success of Ideanote at Enreach is a testament to its power as a tool for innovation and idea generation. As Kenny concludes, "I will highly recommend Ideanote to any type of company or organization interested in taking innovation and idea generation to the next level."In conclusion, Ideanote has proven to be a powerful tool for Enreach, helping them to streamline their innovation process, engage their colleagues and users more effectively, and turn ideas into reality.


2005, Netherlands





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