DAB (Dansk Almennyttigt Boligselskab) manages 50,000 rental homes while providing landscaping services, energy conservation and construction. With employees scattered across both different locations and services and an ambition to provide their tenants and customers with the industry’s best service, DAB needed a way to connect employees and great ideas. To connect people and ideas across their different physical locations, DAB relies on Ideanote. Empowering employees to brainstorm, build relationships and develop new initiatives outside the formal bi-yearly all-hands events.

“Using Ideanote has helped us generate powerful ideas that we would have never thought of otherwise.”

JAN LORENZEN, Head of Development, DAB

Dispersed across different locations, DAB employees found it hard to innovate across teams. Until now, employee-driven innovation had been reserved to formal organization-wide meetings. As a result, DAB employees were asking for a place to share ideas and best practices across locations, teams and departments.In choosing this platform, one thing stood out as the most important factor: simplicity. The people of DAB’s come from many different professional backgrounds and age-groups, so when scouting for a suitable idea management solution, simplicity and ease of use were top priority. DAB stressed the importance of all of their people feeling at home and comfortable in using the platform. Ideanote presented an excellent solution to this challenge. The easy onboarding process and clean, user-centered interface got DAB users up and running within minutes.

“The feedback we have received following this first phase has been overwhelmingly positive.”

JAN LORENZEN, Head of Development, DAB


Another game-changer was Ideanote’s ability to scale with the needs of the company. In this first phase, 243 of DAB’s administrative employees were included, to share best practices and brainstorm on new solutions that could benefit their everyday work life as well as the services their provide to their customers. Being ambitious from day one, DAB aspires to expand their Ideanote space to include all 15,000 employees and partners.To have a platform that can sustain a buzzing hub of innovation from 243 people as well as keep track of the ideation process of 15,00 people is no easy task. By using Ideanote’s social features such as tagging, notifications and live feed, DAB never runs out of new ideas - meanwhile, powerful reporting features, team management and an automated idea bot ensure that no idea slips through the cracks.To get things started DAB launched 6 idea collection missions. These were centered around sharing best-practices and ideas for how to move DAB into the digital age. More than just collecting ideas, DAB engages at different levels, with the submissions to enhance and develop them further.DAB encourages their people to participate in the idea submission and feedback phases. Meanwhile, management engage in the rating and prioritization of ideas to be carried out or saved for later. Some of the ideas are moved to become a part of the long-term strategy of DAB. This makes Ideanote central to the co-created innovation activities that are targeted at making DAB ready for both short- and long-term future.


to keep improving their innovation DAB evaluates the Ideanote data on outcomes. Ideanote’s reporting module is an easy way to explore insights of the progress and activity of the projects. Jan was able to see in what areas there is most activity, who are their biggest innovators and how people engage with the platform in general. This has helped DAB to better frame their questions and spread the popularity of the platform.From the landscaping team to the rental administration offices, Ideanote is now the all-in-one innovation platform for DAB’s employees where they together build the DAB of tomorrow, everyday.




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