Innovation Management Software

Innovation Management Software

Deliver end-to-end innovation that works.

Innovate new products, processes and services faster, more lean and with a higher rate of success.

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Innovation fails when projects get stuck.

Without proper innovation management even the most ambitious and creative companies fail to act on much needed change, new products or cost saving innovations.

The result? Wasted creative juices, endless started projects that never get finished and a disappointed workforce.



Your innovation is siloed in teams.

Pushing different parts of the company to innovate together but nothing is happening? Innovation and knowledge silos are the death of a healthy innovation culture.



You lack a transparent process.

People don't know where to share ideas or what will happen next. Without defined roles and processes great innovations get lost or delayed in the confusion.



People are not excited about change.

Corporate pushes another pivot disconnected from reality? If you don't loop people into the change process - they'll want to resist it.

“We are super happy with the solution. I'm 100% sure we made the right decision."

Dmitriy Mamin
IKEA Group's Customer Information Manager
Dmitriy Mamin

Bring new products, services and business models to market.

Expand your innovation capabilities with an end-to-end innovation funnel. With Ideanote's Innovation Management Software you can plant deep roots for strategy and innovation culture all while staying agile.

Get a transparent process that lets ideas and people move forward. Source & manage innovation projects from anywhere in the business and prove your innovation ROI.

Innovation Management Software

Spark innovation across departments.

Involve the right people at the right level with cross-team collaboration that can starts small and grows organically. Collect ideas from everyone, get feedback from some, evaluations from the few and let stakeholders implement what matters most.

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Drive effortless end-to-end innovation.

Build your own innovation funnel that is simple, efficient and engaging for everyone. you can be sure all ideas receive constructive feedback before they’re rated, prioritized and finally implemented. Capture ideas from anyone, anywhere to let your innovation journey begin.

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Innovation Management Software
Innovation Management Software

Measure your Innovation ROI

Ideas? Ideanote. Create clarity in times of change and give people - from frontline workers to the c-level - ownership and a stake in shaping the future. With a home for innovation that is fast to implement and that measures innovation ROI from day one.

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Forget switching between tons of different apps just to get your work done - use Ideanote's fully integrated Innovation Management software.

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Choose the #1 Innovation Management Software

Mastering innovation means mastering chaos. You need powerful processes to bring ideas to life - from capturing remarkable ideas to implementing solutions that shape the future of your business. Innovation management with Ideanote is your easy way to funnel all the ideas around you - into a pipeline of potent projects that support your strategy, today and tomorrow.

Getting your Ideanote space ready takes less than 3 minutes. Ideanote brings structure to the innovation process and feedback to your ideators. And yes, you can customize everything.


Customizable to fit your flow.

With Ideanote you can build your hub for innovation just the way you want. From branding and custom domain, open or closed innovation, idea fields and your innovation funnel - Ideanote is the most flexible platform on the market.


Fast onboarding.

Customers tell us again and again - getting started with Ideanote is a bliss. Ideanote has been awarded prizes for fast onboarding and an easy-to-use interface. Benefit from a faster implementation time, faster time to market for ideas and overall faster ROI by using Ideanote.


Fair, scalable pricing.

We believe in transparency and letting you try before you buy. With Ideanote you get an enterprise grade innovation management platform that fits the budget. Sign up for a free trial or talk to us about a small scale pilot to test our the capabilities of the platform. Support included.

Thoughtworks explores the Future of Work with Ideanote

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Innovation Management Software

"The pace and ability at which an organization is able to effectively innovate will be the determining factor of competitiveness in the future. The future is now."

Kaihan Krippendorf
Author of Driving Innovation from Within
Kaihan Krippendorf

Enterprise-Grade Innovation Management Software

Ideanote supports collaborations between employees, partners, and customers to create large innovation networks. The platform uses intelligent software to connect your people, help detect valuable ideas, and identify and act on more of the right opportunities for growth.

The Ideanote Enterprise Innovation Management platform is a powerful management tool for innovation. It allows users to manage various categories of initiatives, ranging from classic ones like crowdsourcing and hackathons to surprising ones like accelerators or innovation labs. The platform even helps with general employee engagement and brainstorming.

Software for innovation management allows companies across sizes, from startups to enterprises to have full transparency and engagement with customers, partners and employees. The company can collaborate internally and focus on growth during the entire value chain from idea-creation to project management.

Ideanote's Innovation Management Platform

Ideanote is a cloud-based innovation management software company that gathers and analyzes an organization's workforce, customers and suppliers’ ideas. The software offers enterprise grade idea management, employee engagement and collaboration tools for organizations who would like to streamline their business processes.

Ideanote offers innovation management software that merges idea management, innovation efforts, and external collaborations into one platform.

Mastering innovation means mastering chaos. You need powerful processes to bring ideas to life - from capturing remarkable ideas to implementing solutions that shape the future of your business. Innovation management with Ideanote is your easy way to funnel all the ideas around you - into a pipeline of potent projects that support your strategy, today and tomorrow.

Employees can collaborate on new innovations using a mobile app, and the cloud-based Innovation Management platform will allow for quick response times to both external or internal ideas and opportunities. The platform might include tools that enable employees to engage with customers for their input in decision making.

Have your global workforce connected with Ideanote’s collaborative software, and fillthe gaps between silos while promoting a culture of innovation. Through its advanced idea & innovation management system, your entire workforce can participate in goal driven challenges that lead to growth.

Innovation Leaders choose Ideanote

Get access to your free test workspace and set up a pilot on the #1 Innovation Management platform today.

  • Identify and solve recurring problems.
  • Speed up your innovation.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Stay competitive.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Innovation Management defined?

Innovation management is the systematic promotion of innovations in organizations and includes tasks of planning, organization, management and control. Innovation management can range from processes to role expectations for engineers, to crafting the right tone for an innovation lab. Innovation management is focused on all measures of improving innovation within an organization. It helps generate benefits like improved decision-making, better customer experience, and operational efficiency.

What are innovation management tools?

It is important that companies have a system in place to monitor, evaluate and direct their innovation. This might be just for a single task or for every aspect of the company. These tools and their features help you manage, track, and control all the different aspects of your innovation initiatives like a product development process or a cost saving sprint.

Innovation management tools are all about the support to innovation. Innovation management tools offer a variety of ways in which organizations can manage innovation - from finding new opportunities to assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their current operations. When it comes time to a company's innovation capabilities these tools can help helping businesses and organizations plan for, monitor and execute their innovation initiatives and innovate more effectively.

Why should a company invest in innovation management software?

Developing a successful innovation management strategy is a time intensive process that requires structure, management and interconnectivity. In order to reach the company's maximum innovation potential, companies need innovation management software to manage all aspects of their process from team communication to generating design templates.

Innovation management software supports your company's innovation process by providing a structure for innovators to follow. Implement this solution into your company in order to secure the success of your innovation system. It will work with all other dimensions, including ideation, productivity, portfolio management, and product launch!

Time-saving processes - Innovation management software makes the process of generating, collecting, developing and implementing new ideas easier. If you have ever been involved on a corporate innovation initiative or process, you know the amount of data being exchanged on different stakeholders' requirements is overwhelming. This information can be difficult to understand, but with an innovation management software system it can be more easily analyzed and interpreted for faster results.

Improved idea quality - Investing in innovation management software can contribute to successfully evolving your ideas beyond the brainstorming stage.

Easier collaboration across teams - Innovative companies aware of the need for innovation management software hire innovative people, stimulate creativity with idea challenges or open innovation calls, connect expertise from different areas, and participate regularly in public competitions - which improves the company's chances for new inventions.

Faster and better decision making that reduces risks - Innovation management software facilitates a process-driven decision-making process for all companies, and also keeps the innovation team informed about decisions. Decision making becomes objective, well educated, and documented under innovation process with precise analytics from the platform. You can measure innovation activities as a company with full visibility and transparency of your ROI on new initiatives.

What are the 9 types of innovation?

One way a business can achieve innovation is by determining what type of innovation they would like to happen. This sets the course for where an organization needs fixing or wants improvements. Innovation can be varying degrees of incremental or radical but their aim determines what type of innovation it is.

  1. Product Innovation, the introduction of a new or improved goods that are either created new or improved in some way.
  2. Business Model Innovation, entails innovations in business strategy, marketing, value creation, pricing or cost structures.
  3. Service Innovation, when companies provide services to customers, just like product inventions would be sold to customers.
  4. Process Innovation, which focuses on performing known tasks or processes in new or changed way for more efficiency.
  5. Technological Innovation, that aims to reinvent the underlying technology of existing or new products, processes or services.
  6. Organizational Innovation, such as structure changes, improved management and communication frameworks and practices.
  7. Social Innovations, that strive to solve problems that society faces without necessarily focusing on a business advantage.
  8. Marketing Innovation, when significantly new approaches are used to package, communicate benefits or reach a customer target group.
  9. Green Innovation, where the output focuses on new and sustainable products, means of production or resource use.

What makes a good innovation manager?

While innovation managers come in all shapes and sizes, they share similar traits that allow them to achieve success. These benefits include curiosity, mastery of multiple skills, knowledge of how to seek out the skills needed for any project at hand. To make a good innovation manager, you need to have an open mind for multiple strategies.

A quality innovation manager should have a logical understanding of an organization's inner workings to successfully implement new ideas., should be able to listen to new ideas while also being focused on the task at hand, ensuring that these new ideas are brought to fruition. A good innovation manager is being good at focusing on results. Knowing the business needs as well as the technology available to do so is essential.

Innovation managers work with diverse platforms and come up with several strategies for each situation. You will need to be able to juggle multiple projects and allow for change across different areas in the company. Having a knack for moving work and facilitating change allows you to excel and innovate at any level in the organization. Effective coordination between stakeholders with excellent communications skills are essential in the position of innovation manager. They are required to simply execute projects, design project plans, and keep informed of transformations.

What is the difference between an improvement and innovation?

Innovation and improvement seem to be the same, but they have different meanings and implications. How can you tell them apart? It's easy: innovation is usually associated with the creation of something new, whereas innovation is making something better than it originally was.

Improvement is the implementation of something new, but with a lower degree of novelty and it is usually the optimization or extension of existing. Improvements can weed out underlying issues without starting from scratch. When we’ve reached the limits of an achieving progress with incremental small changes, or when the situation or expectations changes significantly in a short span of time, that’s where innovation plays a role. Innovation is when something breaks the mold in order to come up with something great, whereas improvement is tweaking things in an existing way to make it better.

Unlike improvement, innovation is about creating a whole new idea which leads to more of a risk that it will not produce significant gains for the company or consumers. In order to minimize the risk of investing in something that does not produce valuable outcomes, it is vital to have a process for evaluating innovation.

What is the difference between idea management and innovation management?

One of the most notable differences between idea management and innovation management is the scope. While they both present opportunities to grow a company, innovation management is more focused on creating innovative products or services to differentiate from the competition. Idea Management starts with an idea found by somebody who internally brings the idea to the business managers for review and implementation.

Innovation Management involves the implementation of innovation into a business model, usually through structured strategy and creative processes such as brainstorming sessions. In a way Idea Managemet is a part of Innovation Management. The Idea Management process exists in tandem with the other wheels that make up Innovation Management to help power business growth and innovation.

Can I trial Ideanote before paying?

Sure! Start your trial here. You can test out our paid plans for free for up to 5 days, no credit card required. After that you can continue to use the free plan or contact us to extend your trial.

Are there any additional fees?

Our pricing aims to be as transparent and straight-forward as possible. Apart from the monthly subscription fee, there are no additional costs. All prices and fees are excluding VAT. You can find out more here in our terms.

Does Ideanote integrate with other apps?

Yes, Ideanote integrates with 1000+ other tools. Browse the Ideanote integration marketplace for inspiration.

How can Ideanote be so affordable?

Really simple; our mission is to make ideas matter everywhere and not just for companies with large budgets. Ideanote is a product company servicing customers of all sizes and all industries across languages around the world.

The size of our market allows us to charge less per customer, thereby making the tools of innovation available to everyone.

How do I get started?

Create a free workspace to get started. We'll ask you for a few basic details. Then you're in.

How is my data protected?

We take security very seriously. Your data is protected with HTTPS enforcement and Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 with SHA-256 hashing and RSA-2048 signing to keep them private during transit. At rest they are kept safe and encrypted in our SOC2 compliant Google Cloud Kubernetes Datacenter.

On top of the security features of our datacenter we have:

  • 128-bit SSL encryption of all data transfer in our platform.
  • Daily backups of all your data, in case anything goes wrong.
  • Security protocols where we work.

For more details you can always read our resources on security and compliance.

How long does it take to learn Ideanote?

Read some customer reviews on our wall-of-love to hear how easy it is.

It is revolutionarily easy to get started. Ideanote is the only innovation- and idea management solution that lets you get started on your own for free - without ever even having to talk to sales. Creating a workspace and launching your first idea collection takes 2 minutes.

From there Ideanote just explains itself. If you're new to running innovation in your team, our video and in-app tutorials will help you grow your efforts in no time.

Does Ideanote have an API?

Ideanote has a REST-based API built on GraphQL. You can use it to list ideas and missions as well as more advanced custom use cases. Contact us for more info.

Do you offer discounts for students, non-profits and NGOs?

Ideanote wants to support people in the world who are doing good things. That’s why we offer special discount pricing for qualified nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.

Can Ideanote handle large volumes of traffic?

Yes. Ideanote workspaces scale automatically to handle millions of concurrent visits. All plans benefit from top-of-the-line Google Cloud page speeds - letting your people load and submit ideas without delays.