Idea Management Software

Idea Management Software

Finally, a way to turn ideas into value.

Get the #1 Idea Management platform. Start capturing ideas from teammates or customers - then move them forward in a single platform that drives growth.

Overall customer satisfaction rating on G2.

Leading brands manage ideas with Ideanote


Letting ideas rot away is costing you money.

As your company scales, managing ideas become more complex. Potentially valuable ideas are never shared - or lost across chat messages, email chains and excel sheets.

Lost Ideas

Lost Ideas

You lose valuable ideas left and right.

Without a central home, ideas from teammates and customers never get the chance to be heard.



Your team lacks a good process for ideas.

Are ideas still piled up without purpose and moved forward based on gut decisions?

Legacy Tools

Legacy Tools

Makeshift solutions just create more problems.

Entering ideas in excel sheets? Solutions not built for for the task slow down your innovation. 

It’s amazing to have an overview of where we can improve, which new features we could implement, and which new products we could to launch into the market.

Giovanni Simeoni
IT Systems Manager, Uster
Giovanni Simeoni

Idea Management Software to make ideas matter.

You need a streamlined experience from capturing ideas to moving them forward. Try Ideanote for free to see how it enables you to listen and act on more of the right ideas.

Idea Management Software

Collect and track ideas in one place.

Use goal-driven idea collections to capture ideas from anyone in seconds - and end up with ideas that you’ll actually want to act on.

Idea Collections
Idea Widget
Idea Collection Templates

Move ideas forward in your own idea funnel.

Use goal-driven idea collections to capture ideas from anyone in seconds - and end up with ideas that you’ll actually want to act on.

Visual Funnel
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Idea Management Software
Idea Management Software

Efficient, engaging and built for ideas.

Use goal-driven idea collections to capture ideas from anyone in seconds - and end up with ideas that you’ll actually want to act on.

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Forget switching between tons of different apps just to get your work done - use Ideanote's fully integrated Idea Management software.

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Why leading companies chose Ideanote for their Idea Management

Ideanote is the #1 rated Idea Management solution for companies of all sizes. Its simplicity, fast onboarding and smart automation features mean you can accelerate your innovation without compromises. More than 100+ idea management features let you build your innovation funnel just the way you like.

Collect more of the right ideas from employees and customers, keep them engaged in innovation at the right point and move ideas to action. Ideanote is loved by customers, with more than 500+ five star reviews across G2, Capterra and TrustRadius.


High engagement.

People love Ideanote for its clean and intuitive interface. An entire set of features is dedicated for engagement.


Time-saving automation.

No need to manage every step manually. More time to implement ideas. See our course on automating innovation.


Inbuilt focus.

Collecting ideas without purpose only ends in chaos. Ideanote brings focus to your innovation, for example with goal-driven idea collections.

Thoughtworks explores the Future of Work with Ideanote

Ideas Collected
Co-Workers Involved
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Idea Management Software

"Great ideas come from everywhere if you just listen and look for them. You never know who's going to have a great idea."

Sam Walton
Founder, Walmart
Sam Walton

Ideanote for Enterprise Idea Management

Ideanote is an enterprise scale solution for generating, managing, and executing ideas quickly

The platform allows employees, customers, and partners to submit their own innovative projects, which managers can put forward to pursue the most popular ones. Idea management templates make it simple to track the progress of all submitted ideas, manage resources, keep stakeholders informed with regular updates about project status. Web-based idea management technology empowers employees to share and delegate ideas, monitor their bottom line effect, and track which innovative ideas are successful for their company.

An automated idea management software system provides organizations with a platform for evaluating ideas, implementing them or accelerating them-- all from your desktop or mobile device. This app also helps to empower users to handle organizational processes and workflow for time-saving innovation and growth.

How does Idea Management Software work?

Typically, the software is used for brainstorming new idea to address organizational or customer issues. Participation is encouraged with incentives, rewards, and convenient contribution with the option to provide feedback on ideas.

With the use of idea and innovation management software, employees' creativity and different views can be gathered and assessed. It also provides hierarchal structure for storing ideas thus making it easier for business managers to assess which ideas has the highest potential.

Idea Management Software is used to implement progressive changes in operations, realize cost savings, and reduce times. With Ideanote, the cross-functional collaboration engages users across companies, regional sites, and departmental teams. The dedicated work spaces for teams, goal-driven challenges for idea collection and fully customizable transparent processes create a clarity at the center of your company's innovation culture.

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Join over 1000+ leading brands using Ideanote

Get the leading Idea Management platform today. Free plan and trial available. No credit card required.

  • Intuitive idea submission.
  • Customizable innovation funnel.
  • Time-saving automation and reports.


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