Continuous Improvement Software

Continuous Improvement Software

Improve your business every single day.

Create a culture of continuous improvement with Ideanote. Identify and implement incremental ideas and cost savings for real business impact.

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Leading brands use Ideanote for continuous improvement


Not improving means getting worse.

When teams stay in the comfort zones, resisting change and not actively looking for improvements quality will slip. Nothing last forever and unless your teams align around agile improvements its hard to stay competitive.

But rolling out continuous improvement is easier said than done when change meets resistance, no-one is responsible and improvements stay invisible.

Many Vetos

Many Vetos

People are reluctant to change.

We've always done it like this, why should we change? Work routines are not easy to change and people and processes keep following the path of least resistance - keeping everything as it is.

Red Tape

Red Tape

Decisionmakers slow down the process.

There's always a team or a manager that veto's a change. Tackling each veto takes forever and as a result lean thinking and continuous improvement is stopped in its tracks before it can blossom.

No Visibility

No Visibility

Improvements are not shared.

Even if there was a way to hunt down every small improvement idea your teams have and making sure they happen, who is going to do it? With no-one responsible, improvements stays invisible.

“Ideanote is an integral part of our business strategy. We identify and act on more valuable opportunities”

Arturo López Valerio
Startups Academy
Arturo López Valerio

Unlock hidden value with Continuous Improvement

Your organization can do better. Let Continuous Improvement unlock hidden cost savings and efficiency gains with a platform that lets people surface and solve errors, reduce wasteful resource use and improve processes to lift your bottom line.

Frontline workers know best - and empowering them to work together, share best practices and build a culture of continuous improvements is a great way to make sure your company stays competitive.

Continuous Improvement Software

Surface problems and solutions from employees.

Inspire true creative collaboration and problem solving from across the whole organizational chart by making it easy, fun and engaging to solve challenges together.

Use custom fields and phases to make sure solutions are submitted, developed and acted on with the consistency that leads to lifting your bottom line.

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Custom Phases
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Speed up your improvement cycles.

Surface opportunities for cost reductions or quality improvements to the right people at the right time. Give your teams a way to work constructively with continuous improvements that cuts through the noise of bureaucracy.

Iterate and test faster and more often without wasting time and implement improvements while staying agile

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Continuous Improvement Software
Continuous Improvement Software

Create your own success stories

Sustaining and spreading a continuous-improvement culture means fighting inertia and reluctance to change work routines, even bad ones.

One effective way to do that is by focusing on solving real problems inside your own organization and building and sharing new best practices.

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Forget switching between tons of different apps just to get your work done - use Ideanote's fully integrated Continuous Improvement software.

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Agile leaders choose Ideanote


Fast to implement.

Ideanote is easy to use and fast to implement for admins and users alike. Bite-sized phases lets you develop, prioritize and assign new improvements ine a streamlined flow without the hassle.


Runs on all devices.

From people's phones and computer to your SharePoint intranet or Microsoft Teams - Ideanote works where you and frontline workers are and makes an everyday impact on your culture.


Centralized best practices.

When you involve your employees in discovering and developing they are surfaced and indexed across your company so that teams can learn from each other and duplicate projects are avoided.

Ontario Medical Association powers its community locally with Ideanote

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Continuous Improvement Software

"The thing is, continuity of strategic direction and continuous improvement in how you do things are absolutely consistent with each other. In fact, they’re mutually reinforcing"

Michael Porter
Author of Competitive Strategy
Michael Porter

Continuous Improvement Software for Growth

While some businesses might get by with disorganized "trial and error," others need a more systematic approach. Ideanote's Continuous Improvement (CI) Software can help you streamline your process while still giving you the agility you need to succeed and stay competitive.

A continuous improvement process can take your organization to the next level. Departments can often learn and benefit from each other's knowledge or expertise on how to solve a problem. However, traditional departmental silos make information sharing difficult which means improvement opportunities are missed. Improvement software removes this barrier and facilitates the flow of information between departments, as well as up and down the management hierarchy, by never letting anyone miss a revenue opportunity due to lack of knowledge sharing or poor internal communication.

Ideanote translates the spirit of Kaizen into software with a the model guides employees on how to surface and implement improvements gradually and successfully.  Ideanote Software provides powerful CI functionality and templates so that you can focus on following the steps rather than figuring them out. It does this by reliably leveling the playing field with an intuitive digital tool that allows everyone in your company to contribute problems and improvements and put them into actions that can lift your bottom line.

Most Customizable Platform on the Market

Ideanote, made for teams and enterprises to improve their innovation and improvement processes, does not take a one size fits all approach. Instead, it is customized by fit to your needs. You can get started with a trial of the software or even us the Free plan to try it for an unlimited time - or you can connect to one of our experts to walk you through the platform and answer your questions. Ideanote is fully customizable in terms of structure, role based access and your continuous improvement process.

Inbuilt Reporting to Share Success Stories

With Ideanote's CI Software, you can track all of your quality metrics with ease. The beauty is that you don’t need written documents, complex spreadsheets, or to chase up staff for information; you click on a button that generates everything you need. This makes it quick and easy to see how your KPIs are coming along or developing, like safety or productivity over time. Our management systems even allow you to record the impact on revenue and cost savings.

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Run continuous improvement like a leader.

It's never been easier to get your people involved in continuous improvement. Start your journey today - free trial available.

  • Reduce cost and waste across processes.
  • Improve output quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Identify and fix problems faster.

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