Ideanote Enterprise Statement of Work (SOW)

1. Technical Services Description

During the period, Ideanote will deliver the following services to the Customer: Technical Support

Through a series of optional interactive workshops, the Ideanote Enterprise Services package ("Enterprise Onboarding") is meant to assist the Customer in preparing their Ideanote Workspace and the core team that is prepared to work with Ideanote as administrators.

1.1 Workshops

1.1.1 Overview

A high-level picture of the existing procedures and strategic aspirations of Customers.

A walkthrough of Ideanote's essential features and use-cases.

1.1.2 Strategy

Authentication, access, reporting, and automation options for implementation.

Technical requirements.

1.1.3 Pilot

The initial idea collection topic will be the subject of a pilot workshop, which will be followed by a roll-out. 

Best practices for putting together a successful pilot.

1.1.4 Review

Customer implementation strategy and workspace progress are reviewed.

More complex capabilities and functionality are discussed in this Q&A.

Next steps are outlined and agreed on.

1.2 Resources provided by Ideanote

The following resources will be provided by Ideanote:

1.2.1 Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Lead the above-mentioned workshops and function as the primary point of contact for any technical or best practice queries, as well as suggested next steps.

1.2.2 Dedicated Solution Engineer

Be prepared to assist with the deployment of Customer SSO and API through email and, if necessary, video meetings.

The Technical Services will be provided remotely.

1.3 Resources supplied by Customer

Customer will supply the resources listed below to help Ideanote organize operations; multiple Customer Resources may be filled by the same person.

1.3.1 Project Manager

Work with Ideanote and the Workspace Owner to plan seminars. Responsible for the Pilot's planning and implementation, as well as the day-to-day operations of Ideanote.

1.3.2 Stakeholder

A Customer who has a specific business requirement that Ideanote may assist them address. Has the power to make decisions on strategy and pilot implementation strategies.

1.3.3 Technical Lead

Setup of the Customer SSO on the Ideanote workspace is the responsibility of the Technical Lead.

1.3.4 Communication Lead

In charge of managing the audience's introduction to the Pilot.

1.3.5 Test Member

In charge of testing the Pilot's authentication and idea submission processes.

2. Payment Terms and Pricing

The Customer Payment terms specified on the Order Form, Offer, or other order paperwork referencing this SOW shall apply to the Technical Services outlined in this SOW.

For any Technical Services not used within the Term, Customer is not entitled to a credit or refund.

Ideanote provides additional assistance during the period in accordance with the agreed-upon SLA.

3. Term and Scheduling

All Technical Services must be booked ahead of time and performed within one year of this SOW's Effective Date ("Term").

Technical Services will be offered Monday through Friday CET, during regular business hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (holidays excluded).

Each workshop is available once throughout the term as a 60-minute optional workshop.

Existing Customers renewing their plan for a new billing period do not automatically qualify for the same Technical Services unless such agreement has been made in writing.

4. General Requirements

This SOW shall be incorporated by reference into the Agreement upon execution of the Order Form or other paperwork referencing the SOW. If there is any discrepancy or disagreement between the terms outlined in this SOW and the terms and conditions of the Ideanote ToS, the terms and conditions of this SOW will govern exclusively with regard to the subject matter of this SOW. Unless otherwise specified in this SOW, capitalized words have the meanings set out in the Ideanote ToS.

Except in a formal agreement signed by a fully authorized representative of each party, this SOW may not be changed or altered.

The following are the points on which the parties agree:

  • Ideanote shall own all rights, title, and interest in and to the Service, as well as any Technical Services, deliverables, tools, or related pre-existing or developed intellectual property provided or made available by Ideanote under this SOW, notwithstanding anything in the Agreement to the contrary.
  • All electronic and hard copy versions of any deliverables are given for Customer's internal use exclusively, unless the parties agree otherwise. Any deliverables cannot be resold or sublicensed by the Customer. The deliverables may not be used to reproduce or attempt to replicate the Technical Services, or to build or attempt to develop any of the items stated in the deliverables. No maintenance, support, or updates are provided for deliverables.
  • Customer may not record, film, broadcast, or otherwise capture any performance or aspect of the Technical Services in video or audio format without the express permission of Ideanote.
  • Customer will not provide Ideanote with access to their Customer data under this contract to ensure the security of their Customer data and associated systems. Customer shall not allow Ideanote access to any Customer systems, networks, or applications, with the exception of Customer-provided access to Customer's Ideanote Account (if anticipated within the scope of the Technical Services outlined above). Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that access to the Ideanote Account is strictly limited to the access necessary hereunder, and that such access does not extend beyond the Term of this SOW. Under the terms of this SOW, Ideanote will not be liable for the access described in this section.
  • The Customer will be responsible for deciding if, how, and when to adopt any Ideanote recommendations.