Account Lockout Policy

This document outlines the responsibilities and protocols for cases where you're unable to access your cloud services and data. This policy is particularly applicable for instances requiring our intervention to restore access, and not for situations involving service unavailability.

Why This Policy Exists

There may be instances where you lose access to our platform due to credential loss or system misconfiguration. When self-service recovery isn't possible, such as the loss of 2-factor authentication details, our support team will step in to help you regain access to your critical data.

Before proceeding, we need some preliminary information. Please note, we reserve the right to decline any request if sufficient information isn't provided.

What's Covered

  • Recovery of access to your Account on the cloud-based version of Ideanote
  • Restoration of manager accounts for specific instances
  • Reversing configuration errors that result in account lockout

What's Not Covered

  • Situations where going through the password-reset flow would be the solution
  • Situations where another User with elevated access can assist with recovery
  • End-users who should direct their queries to an Admin/Manager
  • Self-hosted instances

Recovery Steps

  • Email support at from the account that you would like to recover access to.
  • In the subject line, specify that this is related to an account lockout.
  • Ensure the email address you use for correspondence is verified and associated with the account owner.
  • Clearly state the reason you cannot undertake the recovery process yourself and the Workspace
  • Allow us sufficient time to authenticate your request. Further verification may be needed.

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