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Idea Management in the Public Sector

Idea Management in the Public Sector I believe one of the most important aspects of human development is how we create opportunities for everyone in our society to thrive, allowing people to flourish and live good lives. For local municipalities around the globe,...

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Innovation in the Public Sector (Interactive)

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of success stories in public management. Governments and public management companies all over the world tend to surprise us with their outside-the-box way of thinking and successful idea implementation. Many of the examples...

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Why ask for idea management

Do you ever feel like you could contribute a great deal more than you do in your company? If only you were involved in decision-making...If only you could participate in that meeting that your supervisors have organized...If only you would get that good idea that you...

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Innovative Scandinavia and its secrets

Scandinavian super trio has always been the trendsetter when it comes to generous welfare system, work life balance or the environmental habits. Sweden, Norway and Denmark have it all figured out. Another thing the trio has been praised for is the high level of...

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Danish hygge through innovation

Globally, Copenhagen is recognized for its excellent design and innovation, providing simple yet functional aspects to its communities. Over the years, Copenhagen has been keen on developing and utilizing its open, empty spaces with great innovation. This boosts a...

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Nordic Innovations Bringing People Together

Nordic countries are full of good ideas. We especially like the ones that both solve a problem and at the same time create a sense of community. Here are some examples of nordic innovations we like so much, that we just have to share with you: Komm Inn - Norway Komm...

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