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Sustainable Tourism – Get Involved

Sustainable tourism is the new hit among travellers and this article is going to help you get involved!   What is sustainable tourism all about and why should you consider it when travelling? The answer is simple. The concept of sustainable tourism lies in...

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Ideas That Changed the World

Yes, now you’re thinking Penicillin, the Wright brothers & the plane, the wheel, paper, the ability to print, steam engine and the list goes on. But you hear these stories over and over again and while they are awesome, let’s have a look at ideas that changed the...

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Born in the USA – 5 innovations that changed the world

There is the telephone, Ford model T and even Social Media - United States of America have been pumping  badass technology since the 18th century. Little do we know, there are many other inventions that changed the way we live today and were born and raised in the...

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4 Awesome Inventions Born in Canada

Canada is great, because some of the best technological inventions were made in the country of hockey and maple syrup. Their framework for innovation lies in a great educational system, which supports the innovation process. Now, let’s have a look at some of the best...

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Idea management will take you further!

How to use digital idea management Whether you are CEO, CIO, team manager, or team member - you are probably in a position where good ideas positively impact your daily work and the company or organisation you are part of. Use the terms disruption or innovation and...

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