5 Idea Management Platform Benefits

Idea Management Platform Benefits

In this post we will touch some of the idea management platform benefits. But first, please meet Peter. Peter is a Customer Success Manager in a Sports company. He leads a medium size team, consisting of 7 people. Working in Customer Success means working closely with customers to ensure they are satisfied with the services. Besides that, Peter works on the improvement of the areas of dissatisfaction on the daily basis. He, together with his team, talks to customers and knows exactly what the pains and the gains of the company’s services are.

Now, hearing the pains and celebrating the gains while having the power to decide, means Peter gets a significant amount of ideas each day and so does his team. So, what happens with all those ideas? They are written on a post-it or written down on a piece of paper. Fair enough, but that simply isn’t enough.

Hearing ideas and solutions from his team members can get overwhelming. Peter needs structure and a platform where all ideas can be acknowledged, shared, voted upon, rated and finally, acted upon. Peter and his team needs to reap Idea Management Platform benefits:

1. Shows awareness

Using an idea management platform shows that you are serious about leading your team forward and getting the best out of your resources. It also shows that you believe in your employees and that their input is important.
Showing awareness is especially important if your organization is experiencing any problems or challenges since taking a proactive and creative approach will show your employees and colleagues that you are a problem solver.

2. Saves your precious time

How do you collect ideas? You brainstorm. You take time away from your already busy day just to come up with a good idea for a certain problem. You organize brainstorming sessions with your team. Therefore, you force ideas. Don’t do that.
Another negative aspect of forced brainstorming is social loafing. This is where people do less in group environments, relying on the other members to work.

Furthermore, not everyone shines during a group brainstorming session. Different people prefer different ways of thinking. Some are simply shy and don’t want to share their ideas in front of everyone.
Ideas can come anywhere, anytime. That is the beauty of innovation. Using an idea management platform gives you the opportunity to note down the idea as soon as you get it.

3. Motivates your team

People often say; “Happy wife, happy life”. Same goes for your team. Your team is your partner at work. By acknowledging them and their ideas, you will motivate them to give their best to the team.
As idea management platform benefits gives you the space for each person’s idea development, it also gives every person a voice. It gives your team a safe platform where their ideas and opinions wants to be heard.
Furthermore, people sometimes worry about what others think about their ideas. Overthinking makes them reluctant to share with a group. Or they don’t feel confident enough about their idea, or they are introverts. Skip time consuming brainstorming sessions and make your team feel better about sharing their ideas. Not everyone feels motivated in a brainstorming session.

4. Structures all your ideas

Good ideas get lost unless you share them, don’t they? Idea management platforms benefits give you the opportunity to share and structure your ideas any time of the day. So, if you are just like Peter, and your best ideas come while you’re on the treadmill and usually go away by the time you get to the shower, fear no more! Share your idea while it’s still fresh and give the opportunity to your team mates to rate it. Structure is the key. Having different ideas right in front of you gives you a better overview of what is good and what can be better.

5. Gives you a better overview of the best solution

Structure is the key, again. When ideas are structured, it becomes easier to get a better overview of which works and which don’t

An idea management platform allows you to group together different ideas or challenges, which gives you and your team the opportunity to divide and conquer.

Good solutions are what drives your company further. Structured ideas give you a possibility to always have an overview of what more can be done. If you had an idea that didn’t work for the latest challenge, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to re-use it. Think about it ; if you write your idea on a post it, how long until you throw it out? If you share your idea on the platform, it stays there forever. It stays on your mind forever.

Takeaway – Idea management platform benefits:

Teamwork is not always easy. Especially when you have many smart heads full of good ideas. Not everyone is always heard. Not all ideas are used well enough and that can damage the performance of your team. Older techniques such as forced brainstorming sessions, writing ideas on your post it`s and trying to come up with good solutions out of the blue will slow challenge your creativity. Moreover, let’s not forget how precious your time is and how good the outcome of your team’s ideas could become if you only had more of it.

Engagement, structure, transparency, and creativity. You can have it all by using an idea management platform. Your team will feel, and more importantly, be, engaged. The ideas you come up with will be structured and the better ones will shine brighter. All the ideas will be out there, transparent and ready to bring your game to the next level. Last but not least, nothing can stop your creativity. Good ideas can come anytime, anywhere. You can’t force that process and you simply should not.
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