Here's How You Fire Up Your Team Innovation

In between daily meetings, routine tasks and putting out fires, great ideas have a tendency to go missing even in smaller teams. A way to make sure this doesn’t happen in your team is to create a trusted process to deal with all ideas in your team.

This is what Telia, one of Denmark’s largest telecommunications companies, realized. They needed a way to share great ideas and initiatives in their customer service team. So, they turned to Ideanote to make it happen.

Here is how you can repeat Telia's success:

Goal-Driven Missions

First, you need an overall goal; for Telia it was decreasing average handling time for every call.

They needed a way to share great ideas and initiatives in their customer service team.

Next, you need 3-5 missions that inspire your team to come up with ideas and keep your workspace organized. Telia created five brilliant missions, some related to existing processes and others to new initiatives.

Depending on the size of your team, the process of setting goals and creating missions around them can take anything from an hour to a week.

Feels Like Home

Make sure that the platform feels familiar by uploading your own cover image and profile picture or go all the way and remove our Ideanote branding. It’s easy to create your own white-label experience.

Next up is asking your team to join. As you know, our platform offers a bunch of different ways get your people onboard; from link sharing to SSO to email signup. Again, size does matter here. If you’re less than 20 people email sign-up is a great way to bring your people onboard-and we offer the option to use CSV upload if you want to invite in bulk. However, if you’re more than 50 people we recommend you set up Single Sign-On so your team doesn’t have to remember multiple passwords and you don’t have to manually keep teams and access rights up-to-date.

In the majority of organizations, only a fraction of the employees are involved in innovation activities, resulting to 78% of strategic leaders missing out on growth opportunities

Start Small, Grow Fast

With projects like this, it’s all about getting started and starting small. Start in one area, let yourself and your team become familiar with the platform and slowly expand your missions into other areas of your organization. As you gain confidence and see results, start letting people create their own missions and grow the community one team at a time.

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