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March 26, 2021

Nordic countries are full of good ideas. We especially like the ones that both solve a problem and at the same time create a sense of community. Here are some examples of Nordic innovations we like so much, that we just have to share with you:

Komm Inn – Norway

Komm Inn (to be read as “come in”) began as an idea in Sweden and was brought to life by Norwegians through technology. It is a platform designed to bring people together in a personal, welcoming environment. Its purpose is to welcome refugee families and help them adjust to the new culture. You can invite someone over for dinner into your home, or go to someone else’s home and be a guest.

At Ideanote we’re all for inclusive culture! And how better to learn about a different culture than around the dinner table? People get together, talk about traditions and customs, and just get to know each other. The initiative is also easing the process of learning a new language. People who want to learn Norwegian, adapt to the culture, or simply meet new people, have an easier time doing so, thanks to Komm Inn.

It’s an amazing way of welcoming people of different cultures and making them feel like they are a part of the community.

Life Cycle Café – Finland

The Life Cycle Café is an amazing example of social innovation. It brings together people of all ages. Both retired people and students get together once a week at the café. Here they share ideas and learn from each other. The older volunteers help students with homework, while youngsters teach them about technology or other interesting things.

We are absolutely crazy about this idea! At Ideanote we believe that people do need a space to share ideas, learn, grow. The Life Cycle Café is an amazing way of bringing the community together in a constructive, educating environment.

The Urridaholt (Icelandic: Urriðaholt) Project – Iceland

The is all about bringing people together. It used to be an undeveloped hillside area and now it is a sustainable community of around 100 hectares. The space includes 1600 residential units, 90,000 m2 of office and retail space, an elementary school and kindergartens and up to 65,000 m2 of civic use space. It can host up to 9000 people.

Besides making greatness out of nothing, it gets better. The project is sustainable. The goal is to minimize power consumption and fossil consumption. Therefore, thanks to the smart design the buildings harness power from the sun. Then, taking the bike or using public transport is encouraged. The streets are safe and there’s excellent connection to all the bike paths in Reykjavik.

The community also encourages the safe disposal of hazardous materials and the recycling of glass, paper, plastic, and metal. Service stations for recycling are in a walking distance for all inhabitants.

How great are ideas that bring people together? Better yet, how awesome are innovations that help to improve communities? This Icelandic project has not only brought the community together but also contributed to a common sense of well-being and harmony.

The Green-roofed Neben Development – Gothenburg (Sweden)

The Green-roofed Neben development project aims to preserve the public spaces in the busy center of Gothenburg. Therefore the project is designed as a development to the area while keeping the same concept – openness. People of Gothenburg will be able to enjoy open air cafes, restaurants, work and retail spaces, sporting facilities and an underground car-park.

This is our selection of great Nordic innovations that bring people together. If you want to start a project within your community to bring people together, the best tool to structure your ideas is our idea management platform. Try it out, for free!

We hope that you enjoyed these awesome ideas as much as we did! At Ideanote, we believe in the power of sharing great ideas. So feel free to pass this information further.

Be smarter, together!

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