The Idea Management Tool in the Idea Generation Phase

Idea management tool is a necessity when talking innovation. In this article, we are going to discuss how can idea management tool help you get through the first phase of innovation: Idea generation phase.

What is idea generation?

Idea generation is a process of collecting and developing ideas, both abstract and concrete. It’s the first phase of innovation. Idea generation is a creative process companies use to find solutions to various challenges and problems they are facing with. This phase consists of collecting the biggest number of ideas possible, selecting the best one, creating a a plan to implement the idea and taking the idea into the practice.

How can an idea management tool boost the idea generation phase?

Idea generation process is all about collecting good ideas. Coming up with a good idea is not the easiest job. You have to be motivated and feel creative. Companies often organise scheduled brainstorming sessions with aim to gather as many ideas as possible. That right there is the wrong way to do it. Good ideas can’t be forced. Besides that, not everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas in front of a big crowd or their team leaders. An idea management tool, on the other hand, gives you the possibility to share ideas anytime, anywhere. Whether your most creative hour is right when you wake up or while you’re sweating it off in the gym, an idea management tool allows you to embrace it. Don’t wait until the next meeting at work. That brilliant idea might get lost by then. Idea management tool allows you to brainstorm together in a group even when you’re alone with your thoughts.

Generating ideas has never been easier

Idea management tool in 2017 is what post-it’s were to 2003. You can’t work without it. This time around, your ideas are safe and ready to conquer the world. With an idea management tool, share your ideas anytime, and structure them conveniently. You have a great overview of all ideas collected so you can easily proceed with the next step, such as choosing the best one. Once you choose the best idea, create a mission to plan the implementation of the idea. Idea management tool will ease the idea generation process for you. It will help you get a step closer to innovation. Ideanote is a great example of intuitive and easy to use idea management tool.

How do I collect ideas using Ideanote?

Collecting ideas using Ideanote is really simple. All you need to do is log in and create a space for your ideas. To do a collective brainstorming, invite anyone you think can contribute to the topic and simply start sharing ideas. Your idea generation process shouldn’t be forced or complicated. With an idea management tool, it won’t be. Use Ideanote as an app on your phone and share ideas whenever you feel like it.

Good ideas can’t be forced

Sitting in a meeting, forced to come up with the idea is stressful. Firstly, you might be having a bad day and your concentration is somewhere else. Secondly, you have a fear of sharing ideas. What if people start looking at you weirdly? You are not alone in this. Ideas can’t and shouldn’t be forced. Idea management tool allows you to share ideas when you actually get them. You might be one of those creative types that get the idea while sun gazing. Or you simply can’t think when you are forced to. When it comes to feeling shy, idea management tool is a way to go. You can share your idea without thinking of how is it going to sound or if someone is going to look at you weirdly. You can also share the idea with people you feel comfortable with and get their feedback first.

Idea management tool to save the day

As mentioned above, idea generation phase consists of several smaller phases. Idea management tool follows you through each and every – from collecting ideas to taking them into practice. Once you have collected a bunch of great ideas, you will have to decide on which one is the best. Idea management tool gives you a great overview of your ideas. You won’t be lost in tonnes of papers and running after your post-it’s. The choice will be clear. No matter how far are you in your idea generation phase, idea management tool will make the job easier for you and your coworkers.

5 benefits of using idea management tool for idea generation phase

  • Saves time
  • Increases productivity
  • Gives you a better overview of your ideas
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Encourages natural idea flow

Idea generation phase: more than a time consuming brainstorming session

Every company wants to capture great ideas – it’s the only way to move forward. Idea generation phase is the first phase of innovation. Getting off on the right foot can make or break your innovation process. Idea management tool is an important asset, especially in the idea generation phase. It helps you capture, organise and manage those great ideas. Idea generation phase is so much more than sitting in a brainstorming meeting with nothing to say to each other. Don’t forget that great ideas can’t be forced. With an idea management tool, they won’t be.

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