Idea Management in Teams: The Case of Ideanote

Idea management platform does wonders for your team. Not only it helps you build and manage your team, but it also creates engagement and innovation.

Who doesn’t want to work in an active environment where all ideas are taken into consideration, acted upon and praised? We all do. Luckily, we have built this great product that can help you achieve all these goals. Let me tell you how exactly Ideanote helps teams in more than 450 cities around the world, to set their ideas free.

Benefits of using Ideanote in teams

Each and every team often deals with an idea-lack crisis. There are several reasons for it: your team members don’t feel engaged, they are pressured to come up with an idea or they don’t feel comfortable sharing their ideas in front of everyone. Lastly, some workplaces don’t have an easy way to share ideas. You are probably checking a box right now, or all of them.

With Ideanote, you can say bye to all those forced brainstorming sessions. We understand ideas can come anywhere and anytime! It’s alright if your best ideas come while you’re walking your dog. Just open our app and share it with who you think needs to know about it.

Idea management and engagement

What do idea management and engagement have in common? They’re both a part of your journey to have the best team and the most innovative product on the market. An idea management platform is a simple tool to keep your employees feel engaged at all times. By posting an idea or creating a mission, you can invite anyone or everyone from your team, to rate it or just simply support it. Asking your team for their opinion will make them feel important. They will both feel engaged in the decision making and motivated to do so. Employee engagement is waking up in the morning and being all excited about going to work. It’s about being included as a member of the team, feeling empowered and trusted.

“Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.”

The emotional commitment means the employee cares about work and work environment. When they care, they engage. An engaged employee is what every company aims for. And feeling engaged at work is what every employee aims for. Imagine the amount of great ideas someone excited about their work can provide you with. And great ideas run the world.

Furthermore, if you are dealing with a problem of not having an easy idea sharing solution – digital is a way to go. Ideanote can be accessed easily, as it comes as an app for your phone. Everyone can share their ideas anytime and anywhere. Because good ideas can’t be forced.

Now make it rain ideas

Now that you know what are some of the benefits of using Ideanote, it’s time for the next step. Make it rain ideas. Your team is talented and it’s diverse. Use Ideanote for sharing ideas on which you’ll get diverse answers. Let your team members create missions.

With Ideanote, you can hand pick your audience. So for example, if you’re trying to get ideas on how to improve your product, you might want to invite the customer success team to join the mission. They are the front line force when it comes to hearing customer pains. They know a lot. On the other hand, if you have an idea on how to improve your employer branding, you might want to invite marketing and human resources to rate your idea or even better, to share theirs.

Managing ideas is really easy

You can’t manage in a mess. You can’t read minds, either. Now that you have all these ideas out there, on your screen, you can actually work with them. First of all, keeping ideas on post it’s and in your head, never ends up good. How many times have you thought of something so good and reminded yourself to write it down later? But you never actually wrote it down because, you forgot, you’re human. The good news is: Ideanote is not a human. It will never forget or lose anything you wrote down! Having all these ideas digitally, in front of you, on the screen, makes it easy for you to organise, choose the best ones and get rid of the bad ones- or work on them. Ideanote gives you a great overview of all your ideas. Anytime! Furthermore, you can grow ideas with a comment and the ones that haven’t been grown yet can be skipped with a single swipe. When your team starts pouring ideas down, don’t worry – you won’t lose track of them. Whenever someone ads an idea or likes one, a notification will pop out on your screen.

Happy teams around the world

Ideanote is active in more than 450 cities all around the world. Here are some of our success stories.

Oslo municipality: Led by a belief that those who interact with the municipality citizens daily, are the best to identify and implement changes, Oslo municipality wants to gain insights into the needs, challenges and ideas of each employee by using Ideanote.

Ideanote is the best available platform for engaging and involving our employees. At Ideanote, we have received close follow-up and professional help from day one, and we find them to be highly involved in their customers with a burning desire for us to succeed.

Madelene Stolpe – Head of Development in Municipality of Oslo

FCR Media: At FCR Media’s office in Belgium, employees were collecting ideas over e-mail and gathering them in a spreadsheet. That turned out to be a very insufficient method. FCR Media needed a digital tool that is both simple and intuitive to use – and Ideanote provided both. FCR Media has applied Ideanote in the worklife in its innovation lab, mainly because of Ideanote’s simple nature and customizable features. Because Ideanote is an intuitive platform, employees can spend less time learning the features and more time brainstorming. Learn more about the FCR Media case here.

Idea management: The case of Call me

Call me: A successful danish mobile company wanted to improve their workspace in an efficient and structured way, when they started using Ideanote. Even though the main idea was to encourage employees to bring ideas forward, Call me experienced various other benefits of using Ideanote. Employees started taking responsibility for the problem solving phase and became more engaged in the organisational challenges. Read more about the case here.

“Instead of just sitting there, trying to find out who I am supposed to contact if I want my idea to be heard, there’s a platform where I can submit my idea and now I can also see that people are reading it! It is very cool to know…“

Emil – Customer service

A step closer to innovation

Whether it’s passion or pressure, businesses need to come up with new ideas constantly, in order to keep the hand on the pulse. Everyone is talking about disruption and everyone wants to disrupt. To do so, they need to cultivate the culture of innovation. It doesn’t sound easy but with the right idea management software, it truly is. New ideas lead to improvement and improvement leads to innovation. Idea management is the first step in the innovation process. With an idea management software, the ideas are gathered, evaluated and structured. A clear overview is inevitable when it comes to the step of acting upon the idea. Furthermore, as discussed above, each team member is a valuable idea contributor. But, only if they feel comfortable to contribute. If they feel engaged. Idea management software helps you to keep your team engaged and motivated.

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