Idea Management Platform - a Way to Improve Your Company (Updated)

If you consider improving the way you manage ideas in your company, there are rich rewards awaiting for you. The optional topping for your idea management strategy is called an Idea management Platform. It’s just as good as it sounds like. One does not simply reject a topping.

What exactly is an Idea Management Platform? It is a digital tool that facilitates problem-solving by involving multiple departments of a company into the process. It is easily accessible to anyone in the organization. And that promotes an inclusive and positive work culture. It also encourages transparency and innovation that would not happen organically.

An Idea Management Platform makes your work easier and declutters your workspace. Just picture it. You are able to communicate throughout departments and have your ideas seen by the top management. This creates an inclusive and productive workspace. We are all FOR that, aren’t we?

Here are 5 more benefits of using an Idea Management Platform that will help you improve your company.

1. Increase your employee and customer engagement

Engaging with your customers and employees is nothing but a competitive advantage for your company. Offer them a seat at the “idea table” sooner rather than later. Putting heads together for the common goal is already 50% of a success.

Customer Engagement

Involving customers in your innovation process is by far the smartest thing you can do. Customers are more than bystanders or buyers. They are the ones who have the power to dictate the success of your product on the market. Involving them in the innovation process means you have the access to a valuable information about their needs and wants. Getting this information early in the innovation process brings you closer to delivering the best product for the consumer. After all, it should all be about the consumer. Why not give them the best experience by involving them in the process?

Knowing your buyers, allows you to create a personalized relationship with different types of customers. Your message becomes more relevant by providing personalized information. Instead of spamming your audience, you actually offer useful, filtered information because you know what they need.

Another benefit of knowing your customer through idea management is that you will be able to offer more product personalization. Customers love getting personalized products or a personalized shopping experience, and according to Kiss Metrics, they are willing to pay more for it.

Some of the biggest companies are already including customers in their creative thought cycle. BMW, Procter&Gamble, and Lays are among these companies. These businesses have set up an online platform for their customers to gather ideas about their upcoming products. Picture these corporations as the perfect spouse who always asks about your day, listens to you when you vent and is excited to hear about what your friends have been up to. Sounds good, right? The “communication is the key” mantra applies to any type of relationship. Find out what your “partner” needs by listening.

Employee Engagement

Involving employees in the innovation process provides valuable input on the product or challenges within the organization. At the same time, it benefits the culture of the company. It creates a common purpose and brings teams together. Good ideas can come from anywhere and you can never get too many good ideas. Having an inclusive culture means that employees are encouraged to freely express their ideas. This increases productivity and promotes a positive working environment.

Another important aspect is making the process feasible. Both the consumers and the employees need to be provided with an easy to use platform that facilitates communication. This is why our idea management platform is the key element towards encouraging communication within your company.

2. Idea Management Platform promotes a Transparent and Inclusive Culture

Allow your employees to freely express their ideas whenever they come up with one. In some organizations, employees are struggling with a fear to speak out. They also avoid contributing to solving challenges outside their field. By encouraging employees to be a part of the dialog you make them feel included, appreciated, and valued.

By involving employees in the thought-process you bring them up to date with the current projects or issues within the company. This type of co-creation process encourages transparency and improves communication between different departments. Moreover, employees who creatively contribute to brainstorming feel more satisfied with the workplace.

3. Move from a Ready to Change Phase, to Actually Changing

Instead of thinking about a future disruption in communication and innovation, start shaking things up today! Think of your goal and start acting towards it from day one. We know that change doesn’t happen overnight. So start by inviting your employees to the dialog, constantly ask for their opinion, brainstorm together. Allow them to speak up by creating the right environment necessary for them to do so.

Take the step to change your organizational culture into an inclusive one.The change can be easily implemented through digitalization. An online platform allows you to share ideas with both- employees and consumers. You will be able to have a joint creative process without having to fly someone in from another country. That itself is saving time and money resources.

4. Involve all Stakeholders in Key Challenges

Involving more parties in a collective decision-making process is very beneficial for a company. Here are some of the benefits your organization can enjoy when inviting stakeholders to an Idea Management Platform:

You are Able to Identify Potential Risks or Problems at an Early Stage

First of all, there can simply be high-risk aspects that you haven’t noticed but that would be easily spotted by your stakeholders.

A proper communication with the stakeholders is beneficial when identifying and solving problems at an early stage. It simply creates a deeper understanding of the situation and a better control over any project.

Involving different parties will help to overcome challenges easier or to prevent them all together. An idea management platform that facilitates communication and encourages the involvement of your stakeholders also helps to build better business relationships.

You Get to be the Early-Bird

By successfully communicating with your stakeholders you have the access to constantly updated information. This means that you can act fast on an opportunity. It will lead to having the first-mover advantage over the competition.

You Promote Transparency

Sharing information and communicating with your stakeholders increases transparency within your business and it ultimately creates trust. Involving stakeholders in the thought process helps you make sure you follow all the regulations and it keeps you out of trouble.

5. Use Cloud-Based Software

Using cloud-based software comes with multiple benefits for your company. Here are listed a few of them:

Easy Recovery. It’s easier and less costly, especially for small businesses, to back-up to the cloud and makes sure they have the best recovery solutions.

Automatic software updates. You actually save time by not having to take care of updating the system yourself. Instead, you can focus on more important things such as generating good ideas.

Cutting costs. You pay as you go. Get as many features as you can afford and you get exactly what you pay for.

Increase in collaboration. Everyone can now add their input on any task. They can share their ideas from anywhere in the world and at any time.

High Security. Broken or lost computer won’t lose your ideas since your data is all stored in the cloud.

Speed and Flexibility. Cloud-based software gives you the freedom to act fast from anywhere you want to.

Environmentally friendly. Setting up a cloud-based software means less energy consumed and less carbon footprint. We like the idea of nurturing a sustainable business.


Having an idea management system in place contributes to strengthening the core of your organization. It encourages both stakeholders and customers to be a part of the problem-solving process.

You already have great input from your team, you just need to listen to it. Better decisions and better outcomes will occur once all parties involved have easier access to information and ideas.

Idea Management Platform opens up multiple opportunities for everyone involved in a business. If you are interested to digitalize your innovation strategy, feel free to take our innovation platform for a free spin. We can show you how to bring ideas to live in a fun way.

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