Idea Management for Millennials

Millennials were born in the period starting in the early 80’s and ending in the late 90’s or early 2000s. One might think that people born in different decades wouldn’t share that many traits, but millennials definitely do. And it is just not the love for selfies and Kanye West.

Millennials were the first generation to grow up with the internet, they were the first to grow up with cell phones and they were the first to log on to social media at an early age. These are major social characteristics that have affected the millennials a lot. This is obvious from their experience online, their experience in school and especially from their experience at work. Some have even started to talk about something called the millennial problem. But what is that exactly?

What is the millennial problem?

Author Simon Sinek once did an interview called Millennials in the Workplace. We have included it below. In this interview, he noted that many consider millennials to be entitled, unfocused and even lazy. This is the main aspect of the millennial problem. Sinek blamed this on four things: bad parenting, technology, impatience and environment. Of the four, environments is the one that companies need to pay the most attention to, since the workplace is the most influential environment for a young professional.

Modern workplaces are full of outdated ideas and practices that hinder professional growth for millennials. Using a pyramid-shaped management system, looking at employees as just another cog in the machine and not listening to fresh input are just are few of them. These systems were the norm for decades, and even though most managers agree in theory that this needs to change, few managers are able to walk the walk and actually implement the necessary changes.

What can companies do?

Companies should tackle the millennial problem head-on if they want to solve it. New management systems are a dime a dozen and some might lessen the effect. For example, Google and Apple have relaxed work environments with games and hobbies readily available for employees. This might work for big corporations like the two but they are not the be all, end all solutions. Most companies could try something much simpler to begin with, like idea management. Idea management is a simple process that is easily implemented. But is there such a thing as idea management for millennials and does it solve the millennial problem?

How can idea management for millennials help?

Idea management is for millennials and everyone else. It is a process designed to help companies innovate, but it does more than that. It starts with a challenge or an opportunity. Here, our challenge is why millennials don’t flourish in the modern workplace. One reason for that is that they want to be heard.

And as a matter of fact, a good idea management process does just that itself (now we are getting a little meta). By letting employees share their ideas and give feedback on other ideas, a company gets the chance to innovate in new ways while also making employees feel heard. Ideas that they deem good enough can be developed further and implemented if the development phase has positive results.

Companies should not only use idea management for millennials though, as it does not just benefit this specific generation. Idea management helps all employees and the company itself.

How can Ideanote help?

Ideanote is an online platform that helps companies implement idea management easily. It also uses technology with social media like aspects and thereby turns one of the aspects of the millennials problem into a strength. That is idea management for millennials for you right there. But it is so much more than that. It gives all employees the chance to add ideas into the platform at any time and any place. It gives employees an easy way to like or give feedback on other ideas. This is very important because in a sea of ideas, it can be difficult to find the good ones. So it is necessary to maximise feedback. Ideanote makes this part of the process easy by letting other employees comment and like on new ideas. The platform can be used by everyone and will help your company innovate and create a happier workforce.

Is Ideanote the solution to the millennial problem?

There is no one correct solution that will completely optimize your workforce. But idea management is an obvious tool for millennials. It is a system that uses the generation’s strengths and gives employees the chance to be heard while contributing to a better work environment in the process. Millennials are often accused of being impatient, but Ideanote solves some of that by letting them put forth their ideas. Also, Ideanote uses technology which millennials are familiar with and use everyday.

So, if you feel like the youngest part of your workforce is not giving 100% in the workplace, give Ideanote a try. It will help you get the most out of your millennial talents, and will help your company in many other ways.

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