Why Choose Flexible Idea Management?

There are a million reasons why you should choose idea management software. Especially if: you love ideas and if you are crazy about innovation. Or if you like everything digital.

Do you want to have the best team in the industry? If the answer is YES, read on, we have some good tips.

Why choose idea management? isn’t it just another piece of software to bury on your IT-graveyard, together with Yammer? Well, no – and here’s why!

Set Ideas Free

All ideas should be set free. Why? Because ideas make the world go round. Thankfully, you have plenty of ideas, and so do your coworkers. Well, it’s time to set all those ideas free! Here at Ideanote, we know exactly how to do so!

The secret is idea management. Idea management makes it easy for you to share your ideas. Whether you want to propose one yourself or give feedback to someone else’s. Furthermore, sharing ideas is the only way to actually make them happen. But, people are often scared to share their ideas in a group setting or a brainstorming session. With an idea management platform, you can share ideas when you feel comfortable. Share your ideas with people that really matter, with the ones who take those ideas a step further, or at least have the power to!

Save Valuable Time

As mentioned above, some people aren’t comfortable to share their ideas in front of others. So you’ve finally managed to clear up your busy schedule just to organize a brainstorming session with your team. However, once you’ve all gathered, half of your team is either not focused, or the ideas are very repetitive. You are all wasting your time. So why choose idea management in this situation? Well, idea management saves your time. Firstly, don’t force your team to share ideas in a certain time period. Innovative ideas can’t be forced. Secondly, each and every member of the team can share their ideas when they’re most productive. Save your time and organize digital brainstorming sessions instead! Idea management platforms, such as Ideanote, allow you to make all the ideas you get-on-the-go happen! This is how easy it actually is:

Idea Management and Team Engagement

Team engagement is one of the biggest struggles of 21st century’s modern business. Team leaders and managers are trying all kinds of tricks to keep their employees motivated and engaged. But, it seems like teambuilding in the park by the office doesn’t work wonders as it used to. Idea management, on the other hand, does.

Each person, including yourself, wants to be a valued team member, included in shaping company’s future. But, many employees around the world aren’t invited to do so. Management often closes the door to suggestions from employees who could contribute a lot. If you’re trying to define a new marketing strategy, why not ask your Customer Success department what is it your customers often complain about? Are you struggling with Employer branding? Ask Human Resources to help. Or your SoMe experts! By doing so, you are opening up to ideas you probably wouldn’t come up with yourself. Your colleagues, on the other hand, are feeling empowered, motivated and valued!

Keep Calm and Organise your Ideas

Decision makers feel a bit overwhelmed when hit by all these cool ideas during a brainstorming session. But, how many good ideas are lost, an hour after the session? Even one lost idea is one idea lost too many. Understandably, it’s impossible to store all these ideas in your brain. And you shouldn’t have to be doing that!

Idea management software can do that for you because there aren’t any limits to the number of ideas it can handle. Furthermore, idea management software gives you a great overview of all those ideas. You can see which ones are the best, and proceed with them. Besides that, it’s easy to work on ideas that have some potential but need improvement. Let others give feedback on ideas that are chosen to be the winning ones! You and your team are able to have everything under control at any time, simply by logging in, into the app.

Innovation with idea management software

Five Stages of Innovation with Idea Management Software

From idea generation to diffusion and implementation phase, idea management plays an important part. So why choose idea management to improve your innovation and how does it help in the innovation process?

  1. Idea generation phase: Everything starts with an idea and so does innovation. Idea generation phase is the first phase of innovation, so you want to start strong. Idea management allows you to generate more ideas than you would through a brainstorming session. It also allows you to gather the ideas from people you usually couldn’t reach.
  2. Advocacy and screening: In this phase, you are writing the pros and cons of all collected ideas. In this case, idea management helps you by giving you an opportunity to collect feedback on each and every idea and therefore decide what ides to proceed with!
  3. Experimentation: Use idea management software to communicate with departments that can help you determine who the customer will be and what will she/he use the innovation for. Take those observations further to test the sustainability of ideas for a particular organization.
  4. Commercialisation: In this 4th phase of innovation, organizations look deep into how does the innovation solve customer’s pains. What better way to figure that out, than asking these customers for feedback and ideas on how to improve the product. Idea management software, such as Ideanote, allows you to involve as many people as you want. Create a mission on Ideanote and ask all your customers if the innovation solves their problems. Knowing that it will be easier to analyze costs and benefits of the potential innovation, which you also do in the phase of commercialization.

The last phase, called diffusion and implementation is about getting the final acceptance of the idea and setting up everything needed to produce the idea. Use an idea management software to determine and set up the structures and resources to produce the innovation. Involve as many stakeholders as you want, and then look for the best options. This way, you’re not losing any important ideas, in your full mailbox.

And the conclusion is…

Next time someone asks you why choose idea management software, simply say: Why not?

Idea management has many benefits. Not only it helps you motivate your team and create an idea-sharing culture at your workplace, but it also helps you through every phase of innovation. Meanwhile, you don’t have to waste your time on unproductive brainstorming sessions where you’re forcing ideas to come to life. Good ideas can’t be forced and you never get the time back. We could say the future is digital, but the thing is: the future is already here. Every organization that means business already uses digital idea management and so should you.

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