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Catching Ideas with Call me

Catching Ideas with Call me

Call Me, a Danish mobile company, partnered with Ideanote to improve their workspace and encourage employee ideas. The platform allows anonymous idea submissions and provides transparency and inclusivity in the selection process. Implemented ideas are rewarded with "Call me Points" that can be exchanged for rewards. The results include 900 ideas submitted, a 77% increase in motivation, and 300 ideas selected for implementation. One successful idea was the use of flags on call center employees' desks to indicate the languages they speak, saving handling time.

Catching Ideas with Call me

“Instead of just sitting there, trying to find out who I am supposed to contact if I want my idea to be heard, there’s a platform where I can submit my idea and now I can also see that people are reading it!”

– Emil, customer service @ Call Me

Call me is a danish mobile company established in 1997. As a company handling both domestic and foreign calls every day, Call me was looking for a way to improve their workspace in an efficient and structured way. That is why Call me and Ideanote joined forces.


While the main purpose of implementing Ideanote was to encourage employees to bring their ideas forward, Call me experienced several added benefits besides more ideas. Employees started taking more responsibility for the problem-solving phase and became more engaged in Call me’s organisational challenges.

To ensure that all employees feel comfortable participating, and feel ownership, ideas can be made anonymously and can only be deleted by their owner.

How it Works

When a new idea comes in, the admin changes the phase of the idea and by that begins the process of working with the idea. This makes the process of choosing an idea even more transparent and inclusive, while providing feedback to the author of the idea.

A jury group is assembled regularly every week to discuss ideas. After this meeting the admin assigns the idea to a specific department, and once again changes the phase of the idea in the platform, while also writing a comment to the author of the idea as to keep him/her updated.

Implemented ideas are rewarded with “Call me Points”, which the awarded authors can trade for movie tickets or candy!


“Within a few months 900 ideas where submitted.”

Ideanote matches the workflow and functions as a natural extension into Call me’s core business. Helping them collect, grow and evaluate ideas and letting them decide which ideas are the best and how to act on them.

Using Ideanote created a 77% increase in motivation among its 150 employees, which shows in the 900 ideas generated, 300 of which were selected for implementation.

A great example of this is the idea that each call center employee has flags on their desk symbolising which languages they speak. This saves an average of 3,5 minutes in handling time.

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