Improving Processes with DAB

“Using Ideanote has helped us generate ideas I wouldn’t have thought of”

-Jan Lorenzen, Head of Development

DAB (Dansk Almen Bolig) not only manages and rents out over 50,000 council homes, they also provide services such as landscaping, energy conservation advice, and construction. The different tasks combined with having 243 employees spread over 9 offices, DAB needed a tool that would allow all their employees to brainstorm across departments and offices in a less formal environment.

The Solution

DAB reached out to Ideanote with a few specific features. DAB wanted a platform that had the ability to scale up, depending on how many employees and offices were using it. They also wanted a platform that would easily allow employees to communicate with each other and feel informal. Because of the varying age of employees, a platform with an intuitive design and a short learning-curve was also an important feature.

In order to generate innovation on a small and large scale, DAB decided to let each department have their own forum in which to generate ideas, along with an organization forum. This means that people within departments can create idea campaigns centered around their specific challenges, while also creating campaigns that involved the entire organization.


Using Ideanote has allowed DAB’s employees to suggest, refine and build upon great ideas that improve the lives of both their employees and resident.

In the words of Head of Development, Jan Lorenzen, he has only received positive feedback, and both he and the 243 employees consider the first phase of Ideanote a success. In the process of using Ideanote; six different idea campaigns have been created, 54 ideas have been suggested, 37 comments have been written and the upvote button has been clicked 232 times. Great ideas have been generated that improve both the lives of DAB’s employees as well as their residents. Upper-management has also been given several ideas that they have decided to incorporate into their 2018-2022 strategy.

Due to this success, DAB plan to expand their use of Ideanote, from their 243 internal employees to their 1500 external employees.

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