Understanding Customer Needs with DI

“The Ideanote platform enables us to actively engage with our members in real time, while contributing to a better understanding of their wants and needs.”

Mads, Consultant at DI

DI Rådgiverne (DI Federation of Danish Professional Service Firms) is a part of Dansk Industri (The Confederation of Danish Industries). DI Rådgiverne is a trade association and mouthpiece for more than 700 professional service firms. Members of the Federation operate in all sectors of society such as construction, communication, ICT and management consulting, and assist both the public and private sectors.


Ideanote enabled us to create an inclusive process allowing the members of DI Rådgiverne to share ideas, and as a result help us create a positive engagement among our members.

The initial goal was creating and showing an inclusive process allowing members of DI Rådgiverne to share opinions and ideas regarding their membership of DI.

The process included nine campaigns over the time period of six weeks. The campaigns were introduced bi-weekly in the quantity of 4-2-3.


Over the course of seven weeks, the participants were informed about the Ideanote platform and their firm’s campaigns through e-mail updates and feedback.

The invitations to specific campaigns were sent out on Mondays and Thursdays and the following week e-mails with feedback were sent out, spotlighting the best ideas as well as including information about the upcoming campaign.


Thanks to Ideanote we are able to map the opinions of our members in an easy and efficient way, which ultimately helped us create an overview of their needs, and optimise our services accordingly, while saving a lot of valuable time.

The engagement in the DI case was very high, both from a management and employee perspective. In the seven weeks of campaigning with 1400 people engaged, more than 300 useful input in form of ideas, comments and engagement actions took place. Of all the ideas generated, 30 unique idea contributions were presented to the board of DI for them to use in improving services and better understanding their member’s wants and needs.

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