6 Reasons Why You Need an Idea Management Platform (Updated)

An idea management platform is a digital tool that facilitates problem-solving within a company. It is easy to use, needing no implementation time. It encourages everyone to contribute, which promotes an inclusive and positive company culture. Moreover, it helps you grow ideas and innovate more.

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

  • Can we capture insights and data about our innovation process?
  • How do we identify the opportunities to improve our organization?
  • Do we have a transparent organization, allowing for smooth cross-team collaboration?
  • Do we know what our customers really want?

If you have ever wondered about any of these points, it is likely that reading on will be valuable for your organization.

Discover Actionable Solutions

With the use of a designated platform for ideas and innovation, you create a legitimate space for company problem-solving. A fact often neglected in larger organizations is that ideas can come from anywhere at any time. Having an actual platform for launching ideas and receiving feedback is the first step to solving this problem. Putting such a system in place helps you capture and qualify your early innovation process.

Having a legitimate and accessible space for launching suggestions will spur any team member to bring forward their ideas. Keep in mind that optimization does not have to be a shiny top-down process. The co-workers that interact with customers carry an in-depth knowledge of their needs. With their collective knowledge and experience in mind, these co-workers can be the ones who are able to bring your organization the extra percentages and competitive advantages.

Great companies like Ford are using an idea management platform to gather and incubate ideas. Their results are stunning. Actionable ideas are brought forward from every corner of their organization. This culminates in hundreds and hundreds of patents and novel solutions.

Improve Your Process

Trying to improve current processes or operations? Thinking of involving multiple departments or teams? With an idea management tool, this can be done with just a few clicks. Allowing people from different areas of expertise to get involved is a sound strategy. It has been proven to provide tangible results. With no exception, there are differences in perspectives and skills among employees.

For a company that wishes to improve their day-to-day workflows, an idea management platform is a great solution. That’s because it allows for combining different sets of knowledge. Optimization does not have to come from a drastic change in management. Rather, we suggest viewing this as an ongoing, incremental process. Have an eagle eye and be mindful of the details. Listen to your customer’s needs and provide the needed improvements. Listen to your employees’ ideas and allow them to innovate.

Encourage Cross-Team Collaboration

Another benefit of using an idea management platform is the opportunity of cross-collaboration. In a complex world, solutions call for interdisciplinary sets of skills. We rarely encounter disruptive solutions based on just one kind of expertise. Most companies realize that proper development requires the integration of various sets of knowledge.

Some might view co-working procedures as an obstacle for fast solutions. We would like to argue the exact opposite. An interdisciplinary approach can significantly lower the effective go-to-market time. Moreover, it saves resources and provides companies with a competitive edge. For example, you can launch solutions which have been co-built and tested by end-users. That will save time for your Customer Success Managers and heavily improve customers’ experience.

Improve Engagement with Customers

A wise decision is to involve your customers in the innovation process. They are more than bystanders or buyers. It is obvious – the user dictates the success of your product. But what is the reason why you should make them a part of your process? Because you’ll have access to valuable information about their needs and wants. Getting this information early brings you closer to delivering the best product. After all, it should all be about the consumer. Why not give them the best experience?

Your business will only to gain from consumer input. This input gives your company the opportunity to align the product with the values of the customers. Get to know them! You’ll be able to create a personalized relationship with each type of audience. And slowly, your message will become more relevant. Equally as important, keep in mind that spamming the audience won’t get you anywhere. Instead, offer useful, filtered information because you know what they need.

An idea management platform will also enable you to offer more product personalization. Customers love getting personalized products and shopping experience. According to Kiss Metrics, they are willing to pay more for it. So don’t hesitate to involve your customers in the innovation process. This will be a significant disadvantage to your company. The results? A decrease in customer loyalty and loss of revenue…

Involve Stakeholders in Key Challenges

With any project, there comes a risk. More often than not, a manager needs to deal with this prospect and other challenges aside. That’s why sometimes there can be high-risk aspects that you haven’t taken into account. But your stakeholders are most probably able to help.

Effective communication with the stakeholders is beneficial when identifying and solving problems at an early stage. It simply creates a deeper understanding of the situation and a better control over any project.

Involving your stakeholders in the decision process also facilitates the identification of challenges or difficulties. It gives you the opportunity to tackle those early on. At the same time, this type of involvement makes challenges easier to overcome. Or even completely preventable. An idea management platform can help facilitate that communication and encourages the involvement of your stakeholders. The result of this is building stronger business relationships. Moreover, it gives the opportunity to better understand your stakeholders and manage possible conflicts.

Make Informed Decisions

There are many issues that come along with of front-end of innovation. One of them is measuring and allocating resources correctly. Another problem is discovering who is actually delivering real improvements. Furthermore, when do great ideas come along? And what processes do they go through before reaching the development stage?

Our idea management platform can help answer all of these questions. Because Ideanote saves all of your data. Now you can have a clear overview of actionable insights. Use this knowledge to make informed strategic decisions. And even more, you can ensure that correct acknowledgments are being made. Our platform offers a clear path to improving the way your organization innovates. Use this potential to strengthen your company structure and become a disruptive force on the market.

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