Tips for Structured Team Brainstorming by the Keyboard

Imagine that you are a young employee in a large company. You are part of a sales team which consists mostly of young people. The team brainstorming session has started. You are sitting at a large table feeling a bit like the Knights of the Round Table: “Together you bear the responsibility for greatness.” No one says a word.

Inspired by the Trello blog post Why Group Brainstorming Doesn’t Work, we hope to inspire you with these tips for an alternative to the traditional team brainstorming session: structured team brainstorming by the keyboard with continuous recognition.

Structured team brainstorming by the keyboard with continuous recognition

It is important to have structured team brainstorming since it promotes creativity, as pointed out in the mentioned blog: “By forcing people to think along the same general outlines, you stop them wasting brain power exploring way beyond the creative pasture where you want them to graze.”

That is why we suggest that you let your team brainstorming evolve around a specific company challenge and that you perform the actual brainstorming through an online idea management software like Ideanote. According to Anna Katrine Skall Sørensen (who refers to the work by D. Tapscott 2009), the net-generation, born between 1977 and 1998, is the first one that has grown up surrounded by digital media, which is why it experiences a different kind of proximity towards digital media compared to earlier generations . Following that argument, it is our understanding that young employees might be more willing to participate in online team brainstorming than a traditional, physical one. The following quote from the blog post by Trello supports our understanding in a broader sense:

“People operate at peak creativity when they’re alone — safe from unconscious bias, group dynamics, and potential interruptions. So if you’re looking for the highest-quality ideas, let people come up with those ideas in solitude.”

As mentioned in the blog post, introvert employees might withhold ideas in a traditional team brainstorming session. They might feel more comfortable in an online team brainstorming and thus contribute with ideas. This does, in turn, allow continuous recognition of more employees’ effort, e.g. in the commentary field. There seems to be no question about the value of recognition, and it is especially important when it comes to young employees: According to Søren Schultz Hansen, young employees are used to be recognized, e.g. on social media, which may be a challenge for most managers. Structured team brainstorming by the keyboard might be part of its’ solution.

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