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Introducing Drag & Drop Idea Management

Introducing Drag & Drop Idea Management

Introducing Drag & Drop Idea Management: Ideanote has launched a new workflow feature that allows admin users to easily move ideas from one phase to another by dragging and dropping. This feature helps visualize the idea journey, revamp brainstorming sessions, and ensure ideas reach their full potential. The drag & drop feature is now available for all admin users.

Introducing Drag & Drop Idea Management

In the midst of ideation, you want things to move fast so you can focus on the things that matter the most–your ideas.

Our new workflow feature will help you do just that! Now, admin users can move ideas from one phase to another by simply dragging it to the desired place.

In fact, it feels almost like a real-life pin-board, just better. Here is how your new workflow feature may come in handy...

  • Visualise your idea journey

Trying to keep pace with each and every idea in different phases can be overwhelming, we get it. This new management view will help you see the big picture and get a grip on what needs to be moved forward.

  • Revamp your brainstorming sessions

Do you still use a whiteboard to manage your brainstorming meetings? Get to the full view of your Ideanote space and drag & drop ideas as you speak. Your team will be able to contribute and track the progress at a glance.

  • Make sure your ideas are reaching their full potential

Do you feel that your ideas need more feedback? Drag them back to the grow phase. Not sure if you are acting on the right ideas? Move them back to the rate phase. Make sure that each idea is receiving the right attention to reach its full glory.

The drag & drop feature is now available for all admin users. Log in to your space and see it in action!

Or claim your free trial today and enjoy this and many more awesome features.

Happy ideation!

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