Innovation Comes From Bringing Ideas Together [Video]

Interview with Johan Broddfelt from Front IoT.

In early September, our team visited Techfestival to interview top innovators and get their take on some of the core work principles of tech.

We are happy to share our short conversation with an author of "Next hill - Beginner's guide to business" and the co-founder of–Johan Broddfelt. Johan shares his thoughts on the principle:

"Make Business Human 2 Human, Instead of B2B or B2C."

When it comes to ideas, it's not difficult to see why people prefer quality over quantity. However, a large pool of ideas enables you to create new creative connections between two or more ideas. These creative connections can open new possibilities for finding unique and profitable solutions.

"Innovation comes from bringing two sets of ideas together and finding something new. And the more ideas you have in stock, the more ideas you can try to combine when talking to clients. That makes it so much easier to find good connections and bring new ideas to life."–J. Broddfelt

Watch the full interview here:

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This blog post is a part of our new interview series–Debunking Innovation, where we introduce our readers to the many faces of innovation, ideation and everything in between. Debunking Innovation strives to get down to actionable tips and tricks that you can apply in your team and get better at bringing new ideas to life.

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