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How to Get Your Team Marching Towards the Same Goals, With an Innovation App

How to Get Your Team Marching Towards the Same Goals, With an Innovation App

Ideanote is an innovative app that helps teams collaborate and share ideas. Research shows that purpose-oriented employees are more likely to stay in a company, and teams that collaborate finish tasks twice as fast. Ideanote leverages collective intelligence by allowing teams to ask business-critical questions and get answers from the crowd. The app streamlines crowdsourced innovation from idea to implementation, driving sustainable change. By involving employees in the idea creation process, it reduces uncertainty and fear associated with change. The app also helps motivate teams by showing appreciation for their ideas and providing feedback. Ideanote is a powerful collaboration tool that enables teams to work towards the same goals.

How to Get Your Team Marching Towards the Same Goals, With an Innovation App

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”– Henry Ford on Collaboration

According to research, purpose-oriented employees are 54% more likely to stay more than 5 years in the company. Misaligned teams mean your people are working with no sense of direction, the imminent result being chaos and an omnipresent lack of progress.

Also, teams that collaborate finish tasks twice as fast. That’s a lot of time you can save, so you can focus on the other things. Just imagine working twice as efficient – increasing profitability while decreasing operational costs. Isn’t that every manager’s dream?

Collaboration is clearly beneficial for everyone. But getting people to collaborate and share thoughts across teams, is not always as straightforward.

In this piece, we’ll visit how Ideanote can help you leverage collective intelligence, drive sustainable change and motivate your team.

What is ideanote?

Essentially, all you have to do is put in your question, invite your crowd and sit back while the ideas roll in and we take care of all the boring admin stuff.

Ideanote is an innovative app for teams, it works on phones as well as computers. By asking business-critical questions (we call them missions) Managers and teams can get the answers to their problems from the crowd, teammates, partners customers – whoever might hold the golden key to your mission.

Our innovation-phase systems keep track of all ideas and make sure, every idea gets a fair chance for feedback and rating. Feedback on implemented or archived ideas is taken care of by the app. Collecting great ideas and insights has never been easier.

Collective Intelligence

You’ve probably heard the saying “two heads think better than one”. Well, especially in innovation this expression holds true. As a matter of fact, 67% of employees believe that colleagues can encourage them to do a better job.

Ideanote is an automated innovation app that enables you and your employees to collaborate on ideas and insights, with minimum effort.

Invite as many as you like, to help you answer the hard strategic questions in your company. Ideanote is a tool where your teams can create and collaborate on ideas. Working with an innovation app, allows you to streamline your crowdsourced innovation into a pipeline of powerful projects, supporting you all the way from idea to implementation.

Driving Change

Change can be challenging. It usually brings uncertainty to companies and teams which doesn’t help anyone. In fact, fear and frustration reduce business outcomes by 20%. That’s one-fifth of your profits gone because of mismanagement.

Change management and collaboration

By involving your team in the idea creation you’ll reduce the uncertainty and fear. In fact, you use ownership and inclusion as your tools to crack open the change door. Look at it this way; rather than blindsiding employees, you can have them co-create new initiatives with you, actively practicing autonomy and showing you value their expertise. This helps curb the defensive “arms-across-chest” positions many managers battle with when they present new processes or strategies.

Motivate Your Team

Unmotivated teams are harmful to your business. Yet, it’s hard to keep everybody motivated at all times. One of the best tools to motivate your employees is to show them your appreciation. A recent study shows that 77% of employees are willing to work harder when they are appreciated. But how to do it exactly?

A new way to show people you value their expertise is by asking for their ideas and providing input and feedback.

Create a win-win situation – your employees will be satisfied which leads to increased productivity and you get valuable insights. Yet keeping track of all employee ideas and providing in-depth feedback to all of them, can quickly become a full-time job, this is where you need a powerful innovation app, to collect all ideas and insights in one place, to move them between innovation development phases and give feedback to the idea creators as they are implemented or saved for later.

Bottom Line

Ideanote, though incredibly powerful, is not your magic wand you can wave around to achieve all this in minutes. Yes, it’s easy to use. Yes, you can get started in minutes. And yes, you can invite as many people as you like.

But let’s make one thing clear – we’re not offering you the formula to magically make your business awesome. There’s no such thing, that would be too easy. We offer you a collaboration tool that enables you to spearhead change, encourage employees and work towards the same goals with your team.\n\nAll those things require your attention and are necessary to stay relevant in the market. Sounds interesting? Try out our platform for free, it takes only a couple of minutes to set it up and if you got any questions, hit us up!

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