Use an Idea Management Software to Increase Employee Engagement

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September 14, 2023

As a team leader, one of the most valuable skills you can have is the ability to keep your co-workers engaged and motivated.

If you bring the right people together and manage them well, the outcomes will show exceptional performance and growth. On the other hand, if you fail to motivate the team, you’ll drive the business into a state of chaos.

To avoid complacency and disinterest, a manager should find ways to keep the level of energy, commitment, and creativity at its highest.

Read on to find out how you can increase employee engagement by making use of simple innovative solutions such as digital idea management software.

Give your employees purpose by allowing them to contribute with new ideas

People work better when they are motivated. To execute projects more strongly and achieve cohesion, all team members need to relate to and adopt the vision of the company. By understanding the purpose of the business and the purpose of their work, an employee can better see where he/she fits into the big picture.

That’s why, when your co-workers come up with a novel solution to a problem, it’s a sign that they care about the company. Supporting new suggestions and giving an individual the chance to try an idea out is motivating, no matter the outcome.

Our idea management software can help you do just that. Ideanote is a modern online solution for sharing ideas and solving company challenges. Using such a platform gives employees a feeling of autonomy and ownership of ideas and accomplishments, whether acting alone or in teams.

Sign up and get started in seconds without having to worry about implementation time. Ideanote will provide you with a central place to collect and develop ideas for your business. By making use of such a platform, your employees will be on a direct path to innovation. Don’t just preach about the importance of creativity" and problem-solving, but rather offer them a simple way to implement new ideas.

It is equally important to understand that ideas can’t be forced. Most of the times, they come when you least expect them. So don’t pressure your co-workers to brainstorm in a set interval of time. Ideation can be an ongoing process because our platform is available both on desktop and mobile. In this way, you will enable the full potential of your team.

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Encourage collaboration to increase employee engagement

People love to have an outlet for their creativity. Create an office environment that helps creativity flourish.

Motivation and improved results from your team will almost certainly follow. Using an idea management software allows your employees to share their thoughts, discuss novel solutions and develop clever concepts.

More often than not, the best innovative results come when people collaborate. Someone might get the ball rolling with a great idea, but others can dig deeper and improve it. To help you keep the focus on teamwork and cooperation, Ideanote features five focused phases that make company innovation an automated process.

The first step unites people around goal-oriented missions that let them create ideas wherever they are. But what exactly do we mean by ‘missions’? These are the questions or challenges that some of your colleagues might have already formulated. For example, a co-worker might be wondering ‘How can we make people use our product more?’.

In another situation, you might have a mission in mind that you want your colleagues’ input about. So open our idea management software and type in your question. Then select a targeted audience that can contribute with ideas. You get to choose between making a general call or handpicking the people that are most suitable for the challenge.

The second phase, called ‘Grow’, puts even more emphasis on collaboration. Now develop every idea further by letting everyone contribute with constructive feedback. People feel encouraged to build on the ideas of others and add their own spin. This exercise leads to more inquisitive employees that ask, listen, question and always keep an open mind. Ideas and teams grow stronger which leads to an increasingly engaged workforce.

Next phase is the ‘Rate’ phase where ideas get collectively evaluated based on the rating criteria you choose. The clear interfaces make it easy to find the best solutions. Ideanote features built-in examples for how you can measure the success of implementing a certain solution. For example, the team can vote on how actionable an idea is or how much of an impact it will have. To make things more fun, we’ve designed representative icon-sets. These visually capture the different rating criteria.

In the ‘Act’ phase ideas are prioritized after their rating. Now you can choose which solutions to pursue. The ideas that will be implemented are assigned to certain individuals. They have the necessary expertise to bring the solution to life. By acknowledging people’s efforts and capabilities, employee engagement will increase.

In the last phase, called ‘Done’, you can keep an overview over which ideas came to life. Also, you have a chance to give feedback and update everyone on their impact. Our idea management software clearly displays team progress. Thus, employees will feel rewarded for their interest in solving company problems.

Bottom Line

As a company owner or manager, you might see the big picture and have a clear view of where you want your business to be. But one of your biggest challenges is translating that enthusiasm and drive to your team. You want them to be as motivated to succeed as you are. So how do you increase employee engagement?

Stimulate your co-workers with attainable goals to keep them focused and sharp. Encourage learning, experimenting and support new ideas. Use an idea management software to better understand what challenges are you facing and help each other grow. Empower each individual by allowing them to contribute and make a difference. Lastly, don’t forget to recognize professional achievement and to acknowledge a job well done.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Ideanote today and see your employees contribute and collaborate in an app they’ll love.

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