How to Choose an Innovation Process that Fits YOU? [Video]

"When introduced to different innovation processes, some of the newcomers to this field are overwhelmed because there are so many opportunities out there and you don't know which of the techniques you have to pick and choose"–says Serena Leka.

Serena Leka has both of the two worlds–she is working with the theoretical side of innovation as a Project Manager at Aarhus University (Department of Engineering, Business Relations and Partnerships) and hands-on practical side of innovation as the Engagement Manager at a biotech startup Cellugy.

We ran into Serena on the buzzing TechBBQ day, the biggest startup & innovation summit in Scandinavia, where she, together with the Cellugy team, won the Get in the Ring competition and the first IP Matters donation from Plougmann Vingtoft.

The proud winners of IP Matters donation. 

We asked Serena to share some tips for teams that are just starting with innovation.

"First thing to do is actually have an overview of all these different innovation processes. Try a couple of them with small exercises, different events and workshops and see what innovation processes fit your personality, your team or your idea. And then go a little bit with a gut's feeling to choose the right innovation process that fits to you and the case that you are working on."–says Serena Leka.

For more tips and tricks, check out the rest of our talk:

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