Dear Consultant, Do You Ever Wonder How?

Dear Consultant. Do you ever wonder how to ensure your projects last after leaving them in the hands of your client? Do you ponder over the question on how to ensure a culture of continuous innovation?

As a top-notch consultant PowerPoint slides, spreadsheets, and strategic discussions are probably part of your daily schedule. By now, you breeze through them with ease. Yet, when it comes to implementing your carefully thought out concepts, clients can prove difficult.

You might get instant buy-in from top management. But how do you engage the employees on the ground, those who are going to carry out your plans? How do you make sure you deliver sustainable change, that lives on for the coming years? And finally, how do you support continuous innovation after and in-between creative sessions and workshops?

What is Ideanote Even?

Ideanote is a social platform, that lets you collect, share and work with ideas. So here’s how it goes: 1) You ask the business-critical questions by launching a mission. 2) You invite as many people as you like to contribute with ideas. 3) Our unique phase system makes sure all ideas go through, feedback, rating, and final decision stages.

Meanwhile, we take care of the boring admin stuff with automation and reporting.

The Right Tool for You

An innovation platform can help you achieve so much more than collecting ideas from people.

Make Innovation Easy and Sustainable

Innovation doesn’t have to be hard. On the contrary, people need simple tools they can easily work into their daily routines. Because let’s be real, clients can’t rely on your help forever. That’s why we’ve created an easily accessible platform that allows your clients to successfully innovate in the long run. Also after you’ve moved on to the next project.

Customize your Client’s Innovation Process

There’s no one-solution-fits-all. Because everyone has different needs and desires that must be met. Ideanote lets you customize the innovation process to match your client’s needs. With a bit of simple tweaking, you can help open the doors to everything from product innovations, motivated employees or happier customers.

Allow Clients to Track Their Innovation Efforts

Innovation is hard to quantify. You are probably familiar with the headache of trying to consolidate quantitative data from workshops. Not easy, am I right?

Because of this, all too often innovation initiatives aren’t reported properly. Yet, regardless of the goals you pursue, keeping track of innovative activities is crucial for success now and in the future. What are trending topics? What teams are crushing the innovation game? Who are the undercover changemakers?

Your New Companion for Cool Projects

While by now you might be wondering what types of projects you can use our platform for. We’ll enlighten you below:

Shape and Train Innovative Thinking

Your participants can now work with and apply your concepts in between sessions so innovation also happens on a Thursday afternoon

After 6 days people have forgotten 77% of what you’ve taught them. If you have a workshop every second week, how do you make sure that you won’t be met by 15 sets of dead eyes every time you start a new workshop?

Ideanote can help you overcome the forgetting curve. Because your participants can now work with and apply your concepts in between sessions so innovation also happens on a Thursday afternoon.

Accelerate a culture of continuous innovation

Being innovative is like bodybuilding, it’s a muscle that needs training. If employees are asked to be innovative once every six months, the lack of training will affect the outcome. To foster a culture of continuous innovation, Ideanote integrates new ways of thinking into peoples’ everyday work to help you build the foundation of an innovative culture.

Connect Agendas and People by Inclusion and Ownership

Asking people to chip in is a powerful way to show respect and autonomy. Actually, a study of the Danish public sector revealed that asking people to contribute with ideas had a positive impact on employee motivation and adaptation. Also if the project was on how to save resources.

Interested in learning more of how Ideanote can help you deliver sustainable change and continuous innovation to your clients? Then check out our platform for free or reach out to us for a chat on your projects and ambitions.

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